Journey to Glory & Super Feeding Event at Evony Spring Festival

Dear Evonians,
We are excited to announce the upcoming event and the return of the event on January 20th in .

Journey to Glory Event

During this event, you will have the chance to earn Knight's Vow Chests and up to 2,400 . These chests contain random Generals, such as , , , , , , , and .
Get powerful Generals in Journey to Glory Event
Get powerful Generals in the Journey to Glory Event
To participate in the Journey to Glory event, you can use to win . These rewards are divided into 8 common categories and 4 limited categories. When you collect all 4 limited rewards, you will receive the remaining rewards automatically.
You can obtain Knight Coins from , , and . There is a daily limit on the number of Knight Coins you can earn from Monsters and Spots.
Additionally, you can purchase Journey to Glory packages, which include a large selection of items such as Blood of Ares and Knight's Vow General Chests, on the page.

Super Feeding Event

During the event time, players can get Feeding by feeding . Use Scores to redeem rare items including . You can purchase the event to gain massive Excellent Dragon Coins for dragon upgrading!
During the event time, Excellent Dragon Coins 100% appear in for each refreshing. Click here for more valuable in-depth game guides.
If you are unable to view the event or new features, please update to the latest version.
Best Regards,
Evony Team

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