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Questions on Evony, Thoughts on Gaming: Your Friendly Guide!

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Evony: The King's Return

You can download and play Evony on mobile and PC clients.
And join the New Force event, you will claim massive rare rewards by logging in and playing on the PC client.

In Evony: The King’s Return, players get to build cities, train their troops, and expand their empires. Some of the game’s features include:

Choose from 7 civilizations to customize the game’s architectural style:

    • American
    • Chinese
    • European
    • Russian
    • Korean
    • Arabia
    • Japanese

Join a strong Alliance and make friends.

You can check your March Size in your Monarch Detail.
Click your Avatar, and then click the “Detail”. Slide down the detail and you will see your March Size without Generals.
And you can check your March Size with Generals in the Rally Spot or when you send your troops.
March Size depends on many things. Please click here to learn how to increase March Size.
During the event, you can search Lv1 to Lv3 Pyramid Ruins on the Map. While the Lv4 and Lv5 Pyramid Ruins need to use the Pharaoh’s Treasure Map to open and locate. And the Pharaoh’s Treasure Map can be obtained from the event package.


Pharaoh's Treasure Map
Pharaoh’s Treasure Map
Like other normal equipment, you can craft them in Forge.
Officer equipment includes Staff and Robe now in Evony:
Consul’s Staff, Holy Palace Officer’s Staff, Archer Camp Officer’s Staff, Barracks Officer’s Staff, Hospital Officer’s Staff, Academy Officer’s Staff, Archer Tower Officer’s Staff
Archer Tower Officer’s Armor, Holy Palace Officer’s Robe, Archer Camp Officer’s Robe, Consul’s Toga, Hospital Officer’s Robe, Academy Officer’s Robe.


craft officer equipment
craft officer equipment
Maybe the player has changed his name or been banned. Besides, the Arrest Warrant can not be used in each Battlefield.
Only the General Skin, original Special Skill, Specialties, and Skill Books can take effect on the Assistant Generals.
Upgrade Generals, Cultivate, and Enhance (Upgrade Star and Ascending) will not take effect.
The attributes of the equipment worn by Assistant Generals will not take effect.
The original Special Skill of Assistant Generals that needs to carry a Dragon or Spiritual Beast to be triggered still needs to carry a Dragon or Spiritual Beast, but the attributes of the Dragon and Spiritual Beast will not take effect.
Check out each troop training building including Barracks, Stables, Archer Camp, and Workshop.

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