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Since our launch, we’ve worked hard on bringing fun games to players all over the world.

The core members of our team have been working in the game industry for more than 10 years.

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Real-Time MMO War Strategy Game
Evony: The King's Return

Plague Of Z

Plague of Z is a military war game where zombies siege, and recruit survivors. Players should lead their army to survive, break through the siege, and find a safe place.

Mafia Origin

The background story of this Mafia-theme strategy game started with a family being killed and land being invaded by Mafia, the Godfather was forced to leave Liberty City. 

Alliance of Glory

The war is coming. You must fight to protect your territory and defeat all enemies. The soldiers are ready. Come to build your castle and train your troops, to defend, and to attack.

Kings Legion

The Holy City located in the center of the Naviash continent suffered from the erosion of Darkness. Different forces stand out and group together to protect the land and expel the enemies. 

Infinity Clan

Home has been left in ruins by the Empire’s iron heels, and our helpless clan members are struggling to survive in dark. let’s build islands, train troops, and recruit partners.

Dream Journey Makeover

Take your imagination with you for a wonderful time journey of fantastic dressing! You will be amazed.

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