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brand story

Top Games Inc.

Top Games Inc. is a global video game developer and publisher officially founded in 2015.  Now we serve gamers in more than 150 countries with multi-languages.

Values we live by


Professional Team

Over 10 years in gaming, our team has generated hundreds of millions in profits from computer, web, and mobile games.


Efficient execution

Rigorously testing and rapidly implementing, we select and scale the best solutions with unparalleled speed and precision.


User Experience

We boast over 200 million players worldwide, delivering authentic, enjoyable experiences.


"Top Games Inc. focuses on providing top-tier Player Experiences and services. We design games from the player’s perspective. "


Evony: The King's Return was released

In 2016, After years of research and preparation, we published an epic war strategy mobile game Evony-The King’s Return in more than 150 countries and regions in 2016. It soonly became a very popular game worldwide, with 7 million downloads and over 100 million US dollars revenue until now.

Evony: The King's Return appeared on Super Bowl

In 2017, our AD for Evony-The King’s Return appeared on The Super Bowl, the most influential television program in the U.S. Three international superstars acted in it, presenting a wonderful performance to all the audiences. This AD made a big splash, and the game shortly ranked among the Top 5 Most Downloaded Games in the U.S. and Top 10 Highest-Grossing Games in more than 50 countries.

We Never Stop

Evony: The King’s Return won the NYX SILVER Award in the 2022 NYX Game Awards Season 1 cycle. In October 2022, Top Games Inc ranked #5 among the top-grossing companies on Google Play and the Apple App Store. 

Evony received the Samsung Galaxy Store 2022 Best MMO Award. Moving forward, Top Games Inc will continue to strive for success.


With Any Questions You May Have

We focus on operating Strategy Games, which include more interactive and social elements. We prioritize game designs centered on fair play and user-friendly social platforms.

Our gaming portfolio now includes seven-strong games, with three new titles coming later in the year. We build games fast and responsibly. We focus on the player first, building a high-quality experience. 

What are players are saying

Fox Holler

apple store player


“I find this a fun game. I have made many friends from around the world. It is complicated and challenging.
You don’t have to pay for anything to do the basic functions ”

Kate Smith

apple store player


“The game is fascinating and can help you to get through boring situations with ease.
They have included some nice features .”


apple store player


“The castle and alliance members are cool. There is always something to accomplish and challenge. One of my favorite strategy games
for sure. ”

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