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Evony’s Stellar Journey in 2022: Awards, Innovation, and David Guo’s Vision

In 2022, our game, “Evony: The King's Return,” garnered significant acclaim. It was indeed a moment of quiet pride when our creation was recognized as the “Best MMO” in the Samsung Galaxy Store Awards and received a respected Silver recognition at the . With the guidance of , Evony has now found its place in the Top Ten US-headquartered mid-core Games as reported by


Evony's latest Version 4.50.0 – “Ideal Land”

Evony's latest Version 4.50.0 unveils the “” feature, setting new standards in player engagement and satisfaction. Released with an “Ancient Ruins Style,” players are tasked with clearing debris in their territories, reaping rewards including materials, speedups, and general EXP. Architectural enthusiasts will appreciate the “Renaissance Style” building alternatives, featuring both basic and decorative edifices. Special structures, such as the Drinking Fountain and Windmill, not only offer attribute advantages but also elevate the prosperity of the Ideal Land, with glimpses into future updates suggesting Champion structures with potential bonuses.

An Engaging Strategy, RPG, and Global Interaction

“Evony: The King's Return” aims to provide a holistic gaming experience by weaving together elements of strategy, RPG, and intricate puzzles. Our players have the liberty to choose from various civilizations and immerse themselves in rich historical narratives, featuring figures like Joan of Arc and Leonardo da Vinci. Our pioneering auto-translation tool, we hope, enables global players to bond beyond linguistic differences, truly experiencing the joy of gaming together.

David Guo: Build a Global Community

On receiving the Best MMO award, our CEO and Co-Founder, David Guo, expressed our collective gratitude.

“Being recognized by Samsung is both humbling and heartening. It's a testament to our commitment to offer outstanding gaming experiences. Through Evony, our aspiration is to build a global community where everyone feels connected and engaged.”

The depth of “Evony: The King's Return” extends beyond mere strategy. It offers cognitive challenges, presenting a range of puzzles suitable for all. Every challenge, simple or complex, presents a chance for players to earn meaningful rewards.

To sum up, 2022 has been a year of quiet accomplishments for “Evony: The King's Return,” steered by David Guo's vision. As we continue this journey, we invite both our loyal players and those new to the fold, to join us in what promises to be a tapestry of thrilling adventures, compelling stories, and a growing sense of community.

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  1. David Guo is a genius! The game just keeps getting better and better. The auto-translation feature has made it so much easier to connect with players around the world. Truly a global community!

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