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An Announcement on the Optimization of Evony Champion Feature

Dear Evonians,
To enhance the gaming experience of the feature, we will be introducing optimizations on October 27th.
With these improvements, we hope to help you develop a closer relationship with Champions, unlocking higher Loyalty Levels more quickly.

Before Optimization:

The daily empowerment limit for each Champion was 3 times, and the daily greeting limit was 2 times, with a 5-minute cooldown between greetings.

After Optimization:

  • The daily empowerment and greeting limits for each Champion have been adjusted to a common total limit for all.
  • The overall daily empowerment limit has been increased to 15 times.
  • The overall daily greeting limit is now 10 times, with a reduced cooldown of just 1 minute between greetings.
Now, you can empower and greet your cherished Champions more frequently every day. Boosting your Loyalty Levels will unlock Champion skills, Champion stories, and many other exciting gameplay features.
If you are unable to view the new features, please make sure you are using the latest version of the game.
Best regards,
Evony Team

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