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Evony 4.64.0 Version Update Announcement

Dear Evonians,
To enhance your gaming experience, we plan to do a and bring the following new features and adjustments to Evony version 4.64.0.

Subordinate City Protection Period

To optimize the Historic City Searching and Historic City event experience, a truce agreement will now be granted for the opened with the .
The higher the quality of the subordinate city, the longer the truce agreement period.
During the truce agreement, only the key user can send troops to conquer the subordinate city. Sending troops will end the truce agreement of that subordinate city immediately.
Other players can only send troops to conquer the subordinate city after the truce agreement has ended.
You can view the rules on the subordinate city page.

Source of Life Added to 145 Daily Activity Rewards

After this update, reaching 145 points will also earn the from the chest.
During the (SvS), you can use Source of Life in the hospital to revive dead troops. (excluding those from Subordinate Cities)

Update of the Epic Historic General (Glory) Pool

We will adjust the pool of Historic Generals for the (). More powerful generals will join the pool, so seize the opportunity to acquire the generals you desire! Please click “Epic Historic General (Glory) Pool Update” to check the details.

Decoration Interface Optimization

After this update, the interface has been reorganized with separate tabs for and .
We have added a new ‘Owned' filter to the decoration interface, allowing you to quickly find decorations you own and switch between them easily.
In addition, we have added a new favorite function to the castle decorations. You can now mark your favorite castle decorations with a heart button, and these will be prioritized in the list.

Maximum Quantity for Item Use

To optimize the experience of using items from the inventory, the maximum quantity will now be automatically selected when using certain items.

Batch Disassembling of General Equipment

Moreover, to optimize the experience of disassembling , you can now filter equipment by quality and use the ‘Select All' option for batch disassembling.

Special Category Added to General Skill Book

To enhance the experience of learning the General , we have added a new ‘Special' category for debuff skill books and officer skill books.
If you cannot view the new features, please try updating your game to the latest version.
Best Regards,
The Evony Team

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