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Alchemy Shop Event and Officer Skill Book Package Are Now Available!

Dear Evonians,
The event is set to officially launch on October 30th! At the same time, the will be available in Evony.

Alchemy Shop Event

During the event, access the event interface via the Event Center – Alchemy Shop. Participate to earn exclusive rewards including limited , Monarch , Avatar Frame, and more!
  • The event will run for a total of 8 days.
  • During the event, accomplish daily quests to receive . Upon sale, you'll receive the that can be used to redeem items in the Alchemy Shop.
  • Don't miss out on our exceptional value ! The package includes a substantial amount of Alchemical Coins and other valuable items.
  • Each player's shop has a different daily purchase price for the Molten Ore. Players can sell Molten Ore in their own or other players' shops. The remaining Molten Ore will be reclaimed daily at the daily purchase price.
  • When another player sells Molten Ore in your shop, you will receive Alchemical Coins based on a percentage of the selling price.
After the event ends, all Alchemical Coins will be removed, so be sure to use them in time.

Officer Skill Book Package

In the delicate balance of military and governance, every role matters. Introducing the surprise Officer Skill Book Package!
During the event, you can purchase the Officer Skill Book Package, which includes the , (Premium), Dragon Crystals, Runestone Chests, and massive resources and speedup items!
Open the Officer Skill Book Chest to receive one of the Officer General Skill Books in it.
If you are unable to access the event or feature, please update to the latest version.
Best regards,
Evony Team

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