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Evony released version 4.26.0

released today, in which they added and adjusted many features.

They have added the following Generals to the ascending feature:

Princess ,,EI Cid,Winfield Scott,Kusunoki Masashige,Robert Guiscard,,Matthias I,Aethelflaed and .

Treasure Level Cap Is Raised

The level cap of Civilization Treasure is raised from Lv3 to Lv5.

of King's Are Improved

alliance members can choose Monster War or War options, and can speed a rally right in the interface after joining it.

Two new categories Collection and Champion have been added to the interface.

  • New Chat Bubble Decorations
  • Removal of Unoccupied Low-Quality
  • New Fame Quests

Aside from the above updates, the biggest change in this release is the addition of the assistant feature. Previously, monarchs could only send one general to battle or defend their city, but in this version, they will be able to choose an additional to lead their troops with Main General. Assistant Generals can offer powerful to your troops.

The specific rules are as follows:

  • A Main General with Level 20 and level 3 or above can bring an Assistant General.
  • Basic attributes, , skills, specialties, ascending attributes, equipment, and Spirit Beast bonus of Main Generals are fully effective.
  • The basic attributes of Assistant Generals will not take effect.
  • Whenever Assistant Generals'Special Skills are the same as Main Generals'Special Skills/Skills, Assistant Generals'Special Skills will not take effect. Assistant Generals still need to equip the dragon to activate corresponding buffs.
  • Whenever the skills of Assistant Generals are the same as Main Generals'Special Skills/Skills, Assistant Generals'Skills will not take effect.
  • Specialties of the Assistant Generals are fully effective. Assistant Generals still need to equip the dragon to activate corresponding buffs.
  • Ascending attributes of Assistant Generals'special skills will not take effect.
  • Attributes of Assistant Generals'equipment, Dragon, or will not take effect.

Evony recently improved

the General interface by adding New General Tags and Tab Pages to General List. The General Tags feature has already made it easy for players to check out generals, but this time the addition of the Assistant General feature makes the gameplay of the general more interesting. You can explore various combinations of the Main General and the Assistant General to make your troops stronger.

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