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Join Evony Napoleon Collaboration Part Ⅱ to Gain Suchet and Josephine Skin!

Dear Evonians,
We released the Part Ⅱ events on January 26th!

Event Package

During the event, 5 package tiers daily include Napoleon Gold Coins, Merit Jade, Glory Golden Twigs, Forge Master Certificates, Blood Crystals, Subordinate City Clue Chests, and Premium Gear Chest (Lion Ring)!
There is also a chance to receive the new Epic Historic General from the 5th package tier, as well as Meteoric Stones and Lv7 Premium Gear Chest (Lion Ring)!

Imperial Ceremony Event

During the event, players can get Napoleon Silver Coins from Resource Spots and Monsters and get Napoleon Gold Coins from Event Packages.
Use Napoleon Silver Coins to earn Ceremony Points and Badge of Honor, and use Napoleon Gold Coins to earn Ceremony Points and Sword of Merit. Players can receive rewards for certain Ceremony Points reached. Ceremony Points reset every day.
Badge of Honor and Sword of Merit can be used to redeem Marshal of the Empire – Suchet Skin, Animated – Ceremony Music, Generals, and other rewards in the event shop.
After the event ends, there will be an additional 1 day for players to redeem their rewards. During this time, players will not be able to receive any more event items. After that day, all remaining event items will be removed. Please use them in time!

Napoleon's Party Event

During the event, players can gain the Party Cake's experiences by purchasing basic Gems, upgrading the Party Cake's level will gain awesome gifts!
  • Players can gain Civilization Scroll Chest (Conquest) at Party Cake level 4.
  • Players can gain 30 Binding Essences and 100 Meteoric Stones at Party Cake level 5.
  • Players can gain Scene – Rose Garden and 50 Binding Essences at Party Cake level 7.
  • Players can gain Officer Equipment Scroll Chest (Military) and 200 Meteoric Stones at Party Cake level 8.
  • Players can gain the Epic Historic General , 's Skin – Duchess of Navarre, Civilization Scroll Chest (Supremacy), 300 Meteoric Stones, and 50 Binding Essences at Party Cake level 10.
In addition, players can also gain a certain amount of the Hephaestus Hammer at Party Cake levels 2, 3, 5, 7, and 9 respectively, which are necessary materials for improving Historic City Spectacles.
Evony Champion Skin Duchess of Navarre Josephine
Evony Champion Skin Duchess of Navarre Josephine

Dwarf's Treasure Event

Players can participate in the event to win precious rewards such as Rose Castle Decoration (Permanent), Fortress Pyramid (Permanent), Aozora Castle, March Effects on the Collection page, Avatar Frames, and more!
During the event, players can purchase corresponding packages to obtain Dwarf Tickets. After a certain number of draws, you will definitely receive a super reward.
Players can earn a large number of Dwarf Coins by completing event quests or converting extra Rose Castle Decoration (Permanent).
Dwarf Coins can be redeemed for March Effects on the Collection page, Avatar Frames, and other precious rewards in the corresponding shop.
After the event ends, Dwarf Coins will not disappear. You can accumulate them over multiple rounds of the event to redeem desired items.

Historic General Summoning Event

During the event time, players can receive Epic Historic General (Glory) from the 5th Event Package tier. Use Epic Historic General (Glory) to summon an Epic Historic General, and there is a higher chance of getting a selected Epic Historic General from the following: Suchet and Napoleon (Prime)!
The selected Epic Historic General is guaranteed within each 6 summons.

Expedition to Egypt Event

During the event time, players can destroy Sphinx Castles on the map to receive Expedition Points and dropped treasures.
Purchase the Support Package to get a Telescope. Use it to locate the coordinates of a Hidden and receive Expedition Points. Destroy the Hidden Sphinx Castle and claim treasures to receive Expedition Points. The Telescope will be converted to the Expedition to Egypt Box after the event ends.
Reach a certain expedition to Egypt Personal or Alliance Point to receive rewards. Top-ranking players have a chance to earn Sphinx Castle castle decoration, Civilization Scroll Fragment Chest (Conquest), Napoleon Gold Coins, and other rare items!

Imperial Lion Event

During the event time, purchasing packages, gathering resources, killing monsters, and participating in Napoleon's Journey will grant you the event item – Legion of Honour. Use these tokens in the event interface to recruit and possibly win the Glorious General Chest. Open the chest to choose one from Historic General (), Historic General (), Historic General (Kleos), Historic General (Alessandra), and Historic General (Eleanor).
The Legion of Honour will disappear at the end of the event, so use it promptly.

Night Shadow Circus Package

During the event, purchasing the package grants you the Night Shadow Circus Chest. Opening this chest allows you to choose between Monarch Image – Clown and Monarch Image – The Greatest Showwoman.
In case of duplicate Monarch Image selections, using them will reward you with other valuable items.
The Night Shadow Circus Monarch Image Chest can be gifted to other monarchs.

Napoleon's Journey Event

Completing the event can earn up to 20 Legion of Honour, 3 Guillotine of the Revolution Square, 12 Smoothbore Cannons, 1 Ornament – Napoleon Cannon, and other rich rewards.
You can earn Napoleon Cannons from Monsters or Resource Spots, with a daily limit of 100 (shared between Monsters and Resource Spots).
Every 100 Napoleon Cannons contributed earns 1 Crown of Coronation, which can be exchanged for rich rewards in Napoleon's Treasure.
When the All Servers Contribution of Napoleon Cannons reaches a certain number, Napoleon will advance to the next battle point. Players can click on the battle point to learn and read about the glorious moments Napoleon experienced during this campaign.
All Servers Contribution of Napoleon Cannons updates every 5 minutes.

Napoleon Fame

Napoleon Collaboration , Majesty of the Empire, is live! Unlock Fame to earn rare rewards, including the new – Napoleon's Crown!

Other Events:

We also prepared other great events such as Napoleon's Gift, and Breakthrough! Anti-French Coalitions!, Napoleon's Trial, Esmeralda's Dance, Historic City Searching, Gem Purchase Event, Sulis' Wishing Pool, Trial of Knights, Auction House, Dwarf's Lucky Apple, Gather Troops, King's Path, Lucky Composing, Warlord Challenge, Cerberus's Treasure, Resource Tax Gift, Gathering Event, Knight's Treasure, and Golden Goblin!
Please update to the latest version if you cannot view the event.
Best regards,
Evony Team

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