Kong: Skull Island Collaboration Event Preview

Dear Evonians,
The adventurous explorers from have discovered the mysterious !
We plan to release the second round of the Kong: Skull Island Collaboration Event from November 4th to November 13th!
Get ready for facing the legendary beast Kong!

Package Sale with 54,000% Value!

During the event time, 5 tiers every day include massive , speedups, Art Treasure Scroll Chests, , , and Subordinate City !
There is also a chance to receive the limited Epic Historic from the 5th package tier, as well as Pharaoh's Treasure Map, , Badges, and Lv7 (Globus Cruciger)!

Auction House Event!

The new is coming! Players can participate in the new event in Event Center or Market.
Use to bid for goods. There are three types of goods: common goods, rare goods, and mysterious goods.
Players can bid for , Subordinate City Keys, , and many other mysterious goods!

Barbarians Invasion

During the event time, players can defeat Barbarians' castle on the and get rewards.
Players can use Barbarian King's Tokens to locate Coordinates of Barbarians Palaces and earn massive scores!
The top 5 players in the Personal Score Ranking of the Arctic Barbarians Invasion event can receive the – Daybreak Vale (14 days).

Revelry Carnival

During the event time, players can get from , , and Login Rewards and get Party Invitations from On Sale , Gather Troops Quests, and King's Path Quests. There is an upper limit on the amount of Parade Mask players can obtain from Resource Spots and Monsters.
Use Parade Masks to earn Celebration Badges, and use Party Invitations to earn Emerald Brooches. Using Parade Masks and Party Invitations can also upgrade Celebration Level and receive rewards.
Use Celebration Badges and Emerald Brooches to redeem Castle Decoration – Mountain City, Historic Generals that can be ascended including , Wallenstein, Petronas, and other rewards.

Consume to Earn Awesome Rewards!

The Consuming Return Event will continue to be a big surprise, in which players can get a return of super value rewards from consuming a certain amount of Gems and certain resources!

Historic City Searching Event!

During the event time, players have a chance to receive Subordinate City Clues from Monsters, , and purchasing packages. Put it in the Pool to gain a chance to get the Subordinate City Key. Use the Subordinate City Key to get a Subordinate City's Coordinates. Massive Epic and Legendary Subordinate Cities are waiting for you!

Gather Troops and King's Path Events!

During the Gather Troops Event, players can gain a large number of rewards after accomplishing the quest. Then King's Path Event will be opened after the Gather Troops event.
Players need to complete quests to accumulate chest rewards in the first 7 days and will be able to claim chest rewards on day 8. (Some quest's progress will not be counted on the battlefield)

Dwarf's Lucky Apple Event!

During the event time, players can consume dwarf's delicious pies to visit the to get rewards!
Players can get from Monsters and Resource Spots on the world map.
Choose a lucky apple to make a wish and consume the to get rewards, there is also a chance to get the dwarf's delicious pies!

Other Events:

We also prepared other great events such as Daily Login Rewards, Crazy Eggs, Challenge Lava Turtles, 's Treasure, , , Gathering Event, Knight's Treasure, and !
Please update to the latest version if you cannot view the event.
Best Regards
Evony Team

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Most frequent questions and answers

Where is Evony currently available from ?

You can download and play Evony on mobile and PC clients.
And join the New Force event, you will claim massive rare rewards by logging in and playing on the PC client.

Why can't I target a player with Arrest Warrant?

Maybe the player has changed his name or been banned. Besides, the Arrest Warrant can not be used in each Battlefield.

Which buffs of Assistant General can take effect?

Only the General Skin, original Special Skill, Specialties, and Skill Books can take effect on the Assistant General.
Upgrade Generals, Cultivate, and Enhance (Upgrade Star and Ascending) will not take effect.
The attributes of the equipment worn by Assistant Generals will not take effect.
The original Special Skill of Assistant Generals that needs to carry a Dragon or Spiritual Beast to be triggered still needs to carry a Dragon or Spiritual Beast, but the attributes of the Dragon and Spiritual Beast will not take effect.

Why do I see bubbles in the castles of some throne occupants?

First, according to the rule, players cannot use Truce Agreement (bubble) while occupying the City of Throne, Throne Tower, Hero Tower, and Magic Tower during the Server War. However, there is a caching problem in the game. The player is in a state with no bubble, but due to caching data, it still looks like there is a bubble on the surface.
In addition, the player who occupies the throne can choose to transfer the throne to an ally, and the transferred ally will become the current occupant of the throne. On this occasion, the assignor still has bubble since he or she didn’t send troops to the throne.
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