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New General and Spiritual Beast Come to Evony St. Patrick’s Day!

Dear Evonians,
We plan to release the St. Patrick's Day events and packages on March 8th!

St. Patrick's Day Package Sale

During the event, 5 package tiers every day include Merit Jade, Glory Golden Twigs, Forge Master Certificates, Blood Crystals, Subordinate City Clue Chests, and Premium Gear Chest (Glory Medal)!
There is also a chance to receive the new Epic Historic General from the 5th package tier, as well as Lv6 Barbarian King's Token, Meteoric Stones, and Lv7 Premium Gear Chest (Glory Medal)!

King's Party Event

During the event time, players can gain the Party Cake's experiences by purchasing basic Gems, upgrading the Party Cake's level will gain awesome gifts!
  • Players can gain Civilization Scroll Chest (Conquest) at Party Cake level 4.
  • Players can gain 30 Binding Essences and 100 Meteoric Stones at Party Cake level 5.
  • Players can gain 50 Binding Essences at Party Cake level 7.
  • Players can gain the Scroll Chest (Interior) and 200 Meteoric Stones at Party Cake level 8.
  • Players can gain the new Epic Historic General , Civilization Scroll Chest (Supremacy), 300 Meteoric Stones, and 50 Binding Essences at Party Cake level 10.
In addition, players can also gain a certain amount of the Hephaestus Hammer at Party Cake levels 2, 3, 5, 7, and 9 respectively, which are necessary materials for improving Historic City Spectacles.

Dwarf's Treasure Event

Players can participate in the event to win precious rewards such as (Permanent), (Permanent), , March Effects on the Collection page, Avatar Frames, and more!
During the event, players can purchase corresponding packages to obtain Dwarf Tickets. After a certain number of draws, you will definitely receive a super reward.
Players can earn a large number of Dwarf Coins by completing event quests or converting extra Spire Labyrinth (Permanent).
Dwarf Coins can be redeemed for March Effects on the Collection page, Avatar Frames, and other precious rewards in the corresponding shop.
After the event ends, Dwarf Coins will not disappear. You can accumulate them over multiple rounds of the event to redeem desired items.

Sacred Bull Nandi Event

During the event time, players can obtain Scales from Boss monsters and Packages. Use them to redeem the Statue of . Use the Statue of Nandi to unlock the Spiritual Beast Nandi! Please note that the Statue of Nandi can only be redeemed once!

Journey to Glory Event

To participate in the event, you can use Knight Coins to win rewards, including up to 2,400 . These rewards are divided into 8 common categories and 4 limited categories. When you collect all 4 limited rewards, you will receive the remaining rewards automatically.
You can acquire Knight Coins by defeating Monsters, occupying Resource Spots, or purchasing packages. There is a daily limit to the number of Knight Coins you can obtain from Monsters and Resource Spots.
You can purchase the Knight's Charity Sale to get the Knight's Charity General Chest. Open the chest to get a random General from Hammurabi, , Cnut the Great, John Hunyadi, , Raimondo, , and Menshikov!

Historic General Summoning Event

During the event time, players can receive Epic Historic General (Glory) from the 5th Event Package tier. Use Epic Historic General (Glory) to summon an Epic Historic General. And there is a higher chance of getting the new Epic Historic General Beowulf!
Beowulf is guaranteed within each 6 summons.

Other Events:

We also prepared other great events such as Login Rewards, Super Feeding, Historic City Searching, Arctic Barbarians Invasion, Gem Purchase Event, Sulis' Wishing Pool, Battle for Alliances, Advanced Journey, Super Dragon Awakening Package, Holiday Celebration, Consume to Earn Awesome Rewards (Gems and Resources), , Gather Troops, King's Path and Challenge Lava Turtles!


, , and Dwarf's Treasure have been adjusted to the Holiday Events page. Through St. Patrick's Day, you can view the corresponding event interface.
Please update to the latest version if you cannot view the event.
Best regards,
Evony Team

6 thoughts on “New General and Spiritual Beast Come to Evony St. Patrick’s Day!”

    1. Dear Falcor, during the Dwarf Treasure, you can collect Dwarf Ticket to open the Treasures and Dwarf Coin to redeem items. Click the “Cycle” to check treasure list and view redeemable items on the “Redeem” page. Since everyone’s needs are different, we can’t decide what must be done. But if there is anything you want, you can work for it. Hope you have a pleasant journey in Evony.

      1. Hey there, Partimeganer! It seems like the new beast, Nandi, is playing hide and seek with players on your server – nobody can catch a glimpse! No stress, though. Just head over to the in-game Customer Support, lay out the whole story, and don’t forget to mention your ID and server details. Evony team is ready and waiting to tackle this mystery for you.

  1. the new spiritual beast has no buffs listed anywhere and when you hit check it takes you to a graphic of pegasus.

    how can you decide if you want it when you have no idea what it offers?

    1. Hi Lady Laurel, we are pleased to help you. When new content cannot be displayed correctly, you can check whether the game needs to be updated or try to restart. If it cannot be resolved, you can provide detailed feedback to Customer Support. Hope this answer is helpful to you.

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