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Battle of Austerlitz Reward Improvement and Event is Coming!

Dear Evonians,
The exclusive battlefield for , the , is coming! Visit the battlefields where Napoleon and a succession of emperors faced each other and witnessed the great wars that changed the world.
Following the Ultimate War Season, signup for the Battle of Austerlitz will open on December 18, 2023. And the Battle of Austerlitz will begin on December 20th, 2023 with significant improvements to the overall ranking rewards.

Increased winning spots for certain ranking tiers

  • Original Top 2-4 adjusted to Top 2-5;
  • Original Top 5-8 adjusted to Top 6-9;
  • Original Top 9-16 adjusted to Top 10-18;
  • Original Top 17-24 adjusted to Top 19-25;
  • Original Top 25-32 adjusted to Top 26-34;
  • Original Top 33-48 adjusted to Top 35-50;
  • Original Top 49-64 adjusted to Top 51-70;
  • Original Top 65-100 adjusted to Top 71-100.

France Famous City Improvement

More Monarchs will have the chance to unlock the , gaining potent attributes:
Starting this Battle of Austerlitz, Monarchs achieving specified personal scores ranking in Alliances that rank in the top 34 in the Major League (previously top 32) will receive a Cultural Subordinate City Key (France Famous City)!

Silver Alliance Flag Improvement

Increased the number of slots available for Silver in recognition of their outstanding contributions:
Starting this Battle of Austerlitz, Alliances ranked top 19-256 in the Major League and top 1-5 in the Elite League (previously top 17-256 in the Major League) will unlock the Silver Alliance Flag after the event ends!

Significant improvements to the overall ranking rewards

In each League and rank, various items such as Blood Crystal, Junior Blazon Chest, Runestone Chest, and Super Resource Chest have been increased!
Best regards,
The Evony team

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