Evony Advance Notice: Merge servers to improve the game experience

Dear Evonians,
To create a better gameplay environment, we plan to do a merger in the near future. After the merger, the two servers will share the same world map but can still enter the game from the respective original server access. The new server's number will be determined by the higher ranking. All the personal data will remain and this includes the buildings' level, VIP level, Gems, Gold, resources, sub-cities, , troops, and items. That means players will not lose any of their personal data.
Server Merger

The Server Merger will happen in the following pairs:

Server 105 and Server 192
Server 628 and Server 615
Server 694 and Server 601
Server 382 and Server 365
Server 338 and Server 341
Server 635 and Server 618
Server 81 and Server 157
Server 339 and Server 364
Server 765 and Server 781
Server 472 and Server 552
Server 251 and Server 189
Server 344 and Server 294
Server 735 and Server 804
Server 200 and Server 193
Server 297 and Server 316
Server 613 and Server 563
Server 239 and Server 215
Server 348 and Server 303
Server 196 and Server 270
Server 140 and Server 160
Server 197 and Server 287
Server 604 and Server 525
Server 307 and Server 399
Server 308 and Server 319
Server 603 and Server 607
Server 611 and Server 649
Server 478 and Server 454
Server 309 and Server 367
Server 574 and Server 637
Server 698 and Server 652
Server 697 and Server 700
Server 742 and Server 780
Server 641 and Server 657
Server 456 and Server 499
Server 450 and Server 476
Server 291 and Server 258
Server 632 and Server 621
Server 312 and Server 318
Server 355 and Server 402
Server 159 and Server 272
Server 284 and Server 313
Server 207 and Server 238
Server 798 and Server 782
Server 44 and Server 10
Server 85 and Server 183
Server 32 and Server 208
Server 333 and Server 225
Server 760 and Server 695

What happens after the server merger?

  • The will remain but all the will be removed. All players will be randomly teleported on the new world map. Rebuilding the does not cost resources or time. (If an Alliance hasn't built the Alliance City or is building the Alliance City, it will still cost resources and time as usual) The Alliance Donation and stored Warehouse is rebuilt.
  • A player still owns his/her original sub-cities. The Server with a higher SvS ranking keeps its original sub-cities and takes in the non-NPC sub-cities from the other Server. The NPC sub-cities from the other Server will be removed.
  • The bookmarks on the two Servers will be deleted because they won't be useful anymore to all the Servers.
  • All the Resource Spots and Monsters will reset. All the Relics will be removed. All the troops outside will automatically return to their City.
  • All the rankings will reset and refresh according to the players' data on the new Server. The SvS ranking and Battlefield ranking will show as the new Server number that has a higher ranking.
  • The Empire name, Kings and Titles for the Server with higher SvS ranking will remain unchanged, the Empire name, Kings, and Titles for the Server with a lower SvS ranking will be deleted. If a player has unlocked The Monarch's Glory, he/she will still get the glory in the new Server. If not, the player will have to be twice again.
  • All Temple Effects of the original Server will be removed.
  • The Event will reset and the last stage event's rewards will be sent.
  • The world chat messages will be removed.
  • The Undead Event and Monarch Competition records will be removed.
  • The monarch's name will be added with a number if two players have the same name. For example, two players, both named Evony, will become Evony 1 and Evony 2.
  • The arch of triumph data of the two Servers will be combined.
  • The Temple data is subject to the Server with the higher rank.
Best regards,
Evony Team


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Most frequent questions and answers

Where is Evony currently available from ?

You can download and play Evony on mobile and PC clients.
And join the New Force event, you will claim massive rare rewards by logging in and playing on the PC client.

Why can't I target a player with Arrest Warrant?

Maybe the player has changed his name or been banned. Besides, the Arrest Warrant can not be used in each Battlefield.

Which buffs of Assistant General can take effect?

Only the General Skin, original Special Skill, Specialties, and Skill Books can take effect on the Assistant General.
Upgrade Generals, Cultivate, and Enhance (Upgrade Star and Ascending) will not take effect.
The attributes of the equipment worn by Assistant Generals will not take effect.
The original Special Skill of Assistant Generals that needs to carry a Dragon or Spiritual Beast to be triggered still needs to carry a Dragon or Spiritual Beast, but the attributes of the Dragon and Spiritual Beast will not take effect.

Why do I see bubbles in the castles of some throne occupants?

First, according to the rule, players cannot use Truce Agreement (bubble) while occupying the City of Throne, Throne Tower, Hero Tower, and Magic Tower during the Server War. However, there is a caching problem in the game. The player is in a state with no bubble, but due to caching data, it still looks like there is a bubble on the surface.
In addition, the player who occupies the throne can choose to transfer the throne to an ally, and the transferred ally will become the current occupant of the throne. On this occasion, the assignor still has bubble since he or she didn’t send troops to the throne.
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