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Evony Advanced Refining and Equipment Upgrade Feature will be Update

Dear Evonians,

The Advanced Refining feature for Civilization Equipment is now available!

Here are the details of this feature:
  • Once all four refining attributes of a reach , for this Civilization Equipment will be unlocked.
  • Upon unlocking advanced refinement, an additional specific refining attribute is acquired. This specific attribute remains unaffected by other refining attributes.
  • You can spend Gold and refining this specific attribute.

Ares and Achaemenidae Sets are now upgradable!

Here are the details of this feature:
  • You can view this in the Equipment Upgrade interface in the Forge in your City.
  • By consuming Forge Master Certificates, you can upgrade the Ares Set to the Imperial Set and the Achaemenidae Set to the Parthian Set.
  • The new material, , can be obtained from the Gather Troops event and the Viking Challenge event.
Please update to the latest version if you are unable to view new features.
Best regards,
Evony Team

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