Evony Anniversary Celebration Preview

Dear Evonians,
We plan to release the and packages on December 1st!

The Value Return of Package Sale is increased to 56,000%!

During the event time, 5 tiers every day include massive resources, , , Frostwolf Gold Coins, , Artwork Fragment Chests, , and !
There is also a chance to receive the new from the 5th package tier, as well as Barbarian King's Token, , Badges, and Lv7 (Globus Cruciger)!

Barbarians Invasion

During the event, players can defeat Barbarians' castle on the world map and .
Players can use Barbarian King's Tokens to locate Coordinates of Barbarians Palaces and earn massive scores!
The top 5 players in the Personal Score of Arctic Barbarians Invasion event can receive (14 days).

King's Party Event!

During the event time, players can gain the 's experience by purchasing basic Gems, upgrading the Party Cake's level will gain awesome gifts!
  • Players can gain Civilization Scroll Chest () at Party Cake level 4, which can be opened to get Scroll Fragment.
  • Players can gain Holy Palace Officer's Robe Scroll at Party Cake level 8.
  • Players can gain the new Epic Historic General Zhang Liang and Civilization Scroll Chest () at Party Cake level 10.

Auction House Event!

The new Auction House Event is coming! Players can participate in the new event in the Event Center or Market.
Use gems to bid for goods. There are three types of goods: common goods, rare goods, and mysterious goods.
Players can bid for , Subordinate City Keys, Civilization Equipment Scroll Fragments, and many other mysterious goods!

Consume to Earn Awesome Rewards!

The Event will continue to be a big surprise, in which players can get a return of super value rewards from consuming a certain amount of Gems and certain resources!

Historic City Searching Event!

During the event time, players have a chance to receive Subordinate City Clues from , Resource Gathering, and purchasing packages. Put it in the Pool to gain a chance to get the Subordinate City Key. Use the Subordinate City Key to get Subordinate City Coordinates. Massive Epic and Legendary are waiting for you!

Gather Troops and King's Path Events!

During the Gather Troops Event, players can gain a large number of rewards after accomplishing the quest. Then the King's Path Event will be opened after the Gather Troops event.
Players need to complete quests to accumulate chest rewards in the first 7 days and will be able to claim chest rewards on day 8. (Some quests' progress will not be counted on the battlefield)

Dwarf's Lucky Apple Event!

During the event time, players can consume dwarf's delicious pies to visit the Mysterious Witch to get rewards!
Players can get from Monsters and on the world map.
Choose a to make a wish and consume the Wishing Coin to get rewards. There is also a chance to get the dwarf's delicious pies!

Other Events:

We also prepared other great events such as Daily Login Rewards, Crazy Eggs, , 's Treasure, , , Gathering Event, Knight's Treasure, and Golden Goblin!
Please update to the latest version if you cannot view the event.
Best Regards,
Evony Team

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