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Evony Battlefields Betting Event will open!

Dear Evonians,
The will start on January 6th!
During the event, you can bet on battlefields to win , which can be used to redeem items in the Betting Shop during the .
You can bet 20 hours before each All- Battlefield round in Battlefield – Battlefields Betting to win Betting Coins!
If your bet is correct, you will be able to win Betting Coins according to the ratio of your bet. If your bet is incorrect, you will receive a 50% refund of your own Betting Coins.
You can get Betting Coins from Weekend Purchase Events, stores, Limited Time promotions, Daily Activities, and competitions.
Please note that Betting Coins will disappear when the event ends. Please use them in time.
If you are unable to access the event, please update to the latest version.
Best Regards,
Evony Team

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