Evony Christmas Lost Treasures Event, Civilization Wheel of Fortune & Trial of Knights Event

Dear Evonians,
We released the , & events on December 16th!

Lost Treasures Event Preview


During the event time, players can use to search for hidden treasures. Higher-level treasures will require more Golden Compasses. Players can get up to 3 Golden Compasses from and up to 7 Golden Compasses from every day. Players can also purchase containing massive Golden Compasses.


Players can open the Lost Treasure Chest gained from treasure searching to receive rare items and a chance to receive the Undead Legions March Effect! Undead Legions March Effect is guaranteed within 280 openings! Compose feature unlocks after obtaining all treasures in Treasure Searching. Players can use 1 Golden Compass to compose 1 Lost Treasure Chest. The ultimate reward for this event is the – Syriacus City!
The remaining Golden Compasses and Lost Treasure Chests must be disassembled within 3 days after the event ends to receive items, or they will disappear.

Civilization Wheel of Fortune Event

The event consists of 3 rounds, and the 2nd round is open from December 16th to 25th, and you can participate in the event on the Valuable Event page.
The Set with the most votes in the Vote for Civilization Equipment event has been added to the Civilization Wheel of Fortune. Each round of the event offers fragments of 2 Civilization Equipments as ultimate . By earning all of the ultimate rewards in the 3 rounds, players can obtain a full set of Civilization Equipment.
Use Civilization Wheel of Fortune Tokens to spin the event wheel and earn rewards. Any remaining Civilization Wheel of Fortune Tokens will be converted into Civilization Wheel of Fortune Token Chests at the end of the 3rd round of the event.

Trial of Knights Event Preview

We plan to release the Trial of Knights event on December 16!
Best Regards, Evony Team

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