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is the military commander of the Goguryeo kingdom. Although he is regarded as a despotic leader in Traditional Korean history, in popular culture, it is generally believed that Yeon Gaesomun is often remembered as an exceptional soldier-statesman without equality in Korean history.

[Yeon Gaesomun in ]

After taking over the Goguryeo throne, Yeon Gaesomun launched new invasions of Silla, and the relationship with Tang also deteriorated.

After the Tang-Silla conquered Baekje, Emperor Gaozong invaded Goguryeo in 661 and 662. One of Yeon Gaesomun's greatest victories came in 662 when his forces defeated Tang general Pang Xiaotai and his Lingnan army at the Sasu River. Pang Xiaotai and all his 13 sons were killed in combat. Read more about the 5 important benefits of joining a good Alliance.

Traditional Korean histories from Joseon painted Yeon Gaesomun as a despotic leader. However, he was also considered the greatest hero in Korean history for his achievements in defending Goguryeo against Chinese onslaughts.

Yeon Gaesomun General Special Skill

Dae Magniji – Reduces enemy troops' attacks by 10% and reduces enemy ' attacks by another 30% when the General is leading the army.

With , the of Yeon Gaesomun's Special Skill will also be increased. The details will be shown in the following picture.

Yeon Gaesomun (Max Level )

[General Specialty of Yeon Gaesomun]

Yeon Gaesomun has been released at Evony 2022 Arena events, and players can get him at the General . Related reading: The Best Ground Troops’ General in Evony: Ludwig

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Where is Evony currently available from ?

You can download and play Evony on mobile and PC clients.
And join the New Force event, you will claim massive rare rewards by logging in and playing on the PC client.

Why can't I target a player with Arrest Warrant?

Maybe the player has changed his name or been banned. Besides, the Arrest Warrant can not be used in each Battlefield.

Which buffs of Assistant General can take effect?

Only the General Skin, original Special Skill, Specialties, and Skill Books can take effect on the Assistant General.
Upgrade Generals, Cultivate, and Enhance (Upgrade Star and Ascending) will not take effect.
The attributes of the equipment worn by Assistant Generals will not take effect.
The original Special Skill of Assistant Generals that needs to carry a Dragon or Spiritual Beast to be triggered still needs to carry a Dragon or Spiritual Beast, but the attributes of the Dragon and Spiritual Beast will not take effect.

Why do I see bubbles in the castles of some throne occupants?

First, according to the rule, players cannot use Truce Agreement (bubble) while occupying the City of Throne, Throne Tower, Hero Tower, and Magic Tower during the Server War. However, there is a caching problem in the game. The player is in a state with no bubble, but due to caching data, it still looks like there is a bubble on the surface.
In addition, the player who occupies the throne can choose to transfer the throne to an ally, and the transferred ally will become the current occupant of the throne. On this occasion, the assignor still has bubble since he or she didn’t send troops to the throne.
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