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Evony General Introduction – Yodo-dono


was the daughter of Oichi and the sister of Ohatsu and Oeyo. After she married , who was then the most powerful man in Japan, she became the mother of his successor, Hideyori. Yodo-dono experienced a period of large turmoil and overhaul, and she had an interest in both politics and administration. Alongside her son, Yodo-dono led the last anti-Tokugawa shogunate resistance in the siege of Osaka.

General Special Skill

– Increases in-city ranged troops' by 40% and increases in-city troops' by 20% when General is the General.
Yodo-dono is an awakened General whose Special Skill can be upgraded by Ascending. A new attribute will be unlocked with Special Skill adding a . The details will be shown in the following picture.

(Max Level )

  • Fortification – In City Troop Attack +6% (When applied to Main City Defense General)
  • War God – All Troops Attack +6%

Yodo-dono has been released at Evony 2022 Arena events, and players can get her during the Summer Festival Night event.

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