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Evony Lu Ban: A Historic Subordinate City Mayor

was a famous Chinese structural engineer during the Zhou Dynasty. He has many inventions and works throughout history, some of which are still in use today. Evony Lu Ban is a who is good at being a Mayor. This guide will introduce this General to monarchs from his basic attributes, the Special Skill, Specialty, and ways to acquire Lu Ban.

Lu Ban's Basic Attributes

Leadership: 109; ↑ 7.68
Attack: 44; ↑ 5.35
Defense: 67; ↑ 5.35
Politics: 123; ↑ 9.73
Leadership: Boosts the Troop Training Speed when the General is appointed Mayor in a Subordinate City, and the Troop HP and when the General is leading the army.
Politics: Boosts the Gold Production and Construction Speed when the General is appointed Mayor in a Subordinate City, and the Resources Gathering Speed when the General is leading the army.
Attack: Increases Troop Attack when General is leading the army.
Defense: Increases Troop Defense when the General is leading the army.
As the general's level increases, these four attributes will also increase.

The Special Skill of Lu Ban

Master of Tools:
Boosts Gold Production Speed by 75% in Subordinate City when the General is a Mayor.

The Max-level Specialty of Lu Ban

Ranged Troop Defense:
  • Ranged Troop HP +10%
  • Ranged Troop Defense +10%
Pacify (Applied to Subordinate City Mayor):
  • Increases Gold Production Speed in Subordinate City +36%
  • Increases Construction Speed in Subordinate City +36%
Ruler (Applied to Subordinate City Mayor):
  • Increases Troop Capacity in Subordinate City +36%
The Specialty feature unlocks when the General reaches level 25. Each specialty of Lu Ban has 5 levels: Veteran, Master, Expert, Grandmaster, and Genius. Monarchs can use the and to learn the General Specialty. While learning Specialty, there is a chance to get double EXP by adding Lucky Stones. The main way to earn Lucky Stone is to battle with others through (SvS) and battlefields. For other detailed information, all monarchs are welcome to enter the game to explore.

How to Obtain General Lu Ban

Recruit in

You can use 16,000,000 Gold to recruit Lu Ban in Tavern.
The Tavern refreshes for free every 4 hours. If you want to refresh quickly, you can use the Gem. It can be refreshed every 50 Gems.
In addition, the higher the level of the Tavern, the more generals can be unlocked, and the higher the probability of refreshing high-quality generals.
You can view other details on the Tavern recruitment interface.

Use General Token(s)

Moreover, monarchs also have an opportunity to receive Lu Ban by using Legendary Historic General and Legendary General tokens.
  1. Legendary Historic General Token
You can get the Legendary Historic General by increasing your (s)'s loyalty.
When the loyalty of a Champion reaches level 2 and level 3, you can claim corresponding rewards including the Legendary Historic General token.
  1. Legendary General Token
Open a General Token Chest, and you will randomly obtain a Legendary General or an Epic General token. The ways to get the General Token Chest are mainly as follows.
  • A Champion's loyalty reaches levels 4, 5, 6, and 7 to claim the General Token Chest *1.
  • A Champion's loyalty reaches levels 8, 9, and 10 to claim the General Token Chest *2.
  • Purchase 1 and 4 premium packages to General Token Chest *1.

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