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Evony Napoleon Collaboration Ideal Land Ornament House of Invalids Is Coming

Dear Evonians,
The new Ornament, , is coming to the Event!

Voyage to Civilizations Event

During Napoleon Collaboration Part Ⅱ, players can view the event interface via -> Voyage to Civilizations.
Use the event item, , to embark on voyages, with a chance to acquire the exclusive Ideal Land Ornament – House of Invalids and Golden Commemorative Coins.
With Golden Commemorative Coins, you can redeem the House of Invalids, large-scale Ideal Land Ornament – , and other exclusive Ideal Land Ornaments in the event shop – Civilization Museum.
Purchasing the Senior Voyage Sale or the Super Voyage Sale grants you the Golden Ship Wheel.
After the event concludes, any remaining Golden Ship Wheels will be transformed into Voyage Chests. Please utilize them promptly!

House of Invalids Attributes (Level 10)

  • Point +800
  • March Size Capacity +5000
  • Enemy Mounted Troop Defense -10%
  • In-Rally Ground Troop HP +10%
Please update to the latest version if you cannot view the new Ideal Land Ornament.
Best regards,
The Evony Team

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