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Evony Permanent Events Adjustment Announcement

Dear Evonians,
In response to the enthusiastic participation of our monarchs in events, we have decided to make the following events permanent in the next . You can fully enjoy the fun of these and win generous rewards!

Permanent events accessible through the Event Center:

Smash Eggs and earn rewards! Activate all the 4 Eggs to earn the ultimate rewards!

Dwarf's Lucky Apple

Choose a lucky apple to make a wish and consume the wishing coin to get rewards.
Players can consume delicious pies to visit the Mysterious Witch to get rewards.

Permanent events accessible through Event Center – Delight Celebration:

Tax resources from the Market to get gifts!

Players can attack Golden Goblins on the world map to get massive !

Gathering Event

The resource amount of all the resource spots on the world map will be doubled. What's more, the gathering speed will be increased by 50%!

Knight's Treasure

Players can kill Knight on the world map and receive Gold and other items.

's Treasure

Players can kill Cerberus on the world map and receive Speedups and other items.
Make sure to update the game to the latest version to access the event.
Best regards,
The Evony Team

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