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Evony Version 4.23.0 – Put Blazon on your troops!

The new feature will be released on September 23rd. Our Evonians can equip their troops with Blazons to get buffs. In addition, we will also make some adjustments in version 4.32.0 and release the Trial of Knights event on September 23rd.
If you cannot view Item inventory – Blazon and other new features, please update to the latest version.

Blazon Feature

[Blazon Feature in Evony]
With the Blazon feature released, you can equip your troops with Blazons. Blazons can provide various buffs to specific troop types. Blazons can be upgraded by consuming other Blazons to infuse and get one random additional attribute at level 10 and level 15.
Equip Blazons wisely to get better buffs! You can view your Blazons in your Item inventory Blazon.
During the Skull Island Adventure event, you can get by defeating Mire Squid. Open the chest to receive a random Wind Blazon.
[The entrance to Blazon]

Adjustments in version 4.32.0

To create a better gameplay environment, we plan to make the following adjustments in version 4.32.0.

General Ascending

We have added the following Generals to the ascending feature:
Emperor Qin Shihuang, Empress Wu, Washington, Lincoln, Oda Nobunaga, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Jumong, King Sejong, Charles the Great, King Arthur, Raged King, Jester, Dmitry, and Nordic Barbarian King.

Add Details and Probability Display to Some Items and

We have adjusted the display of some items and Historic General tokens. You can click on the Detail button on the item or Historic General token to check all possible items or Historic Generals you may get after using the chest or Historic General token.
  • For the Historic General token that you can randomly get 1 Historic General in it, you are able to view the probability of each possible Historic General in that token.
  • For the chest where you can get all items in it, you are able to view all the items in the chest and their quantities.
  • For the chest that you can randomly get 1 or more items in it, you are able to view the probability of each possible item in the chest and their quantities. Some special chests will also additionally show the probability of getting multiple items.

Optimization of General Specialty Upgrading

Add the [Learn All] button to the General Specialty feature. You can upgrade a General Specialty to the next level directly by clicking this button once if you have enough materials.
Lucky Stones are not applicable to the [Learn All] feature.

Optimization of Update Feature

Add the [Update] option in Settings. You can check out the new version here.
If your game is not the latest version, you can update the game by clicking the [Update] button in the pop-up notification, or you can choose [Update Later] to maintain the current version.

Optimization of Battle Logs in

Optimizes the display of Type icons and time in Alliance War – Battle Logs. Now you can view the type and time of battles more clearly.

Quick Compose option in Civilization Equipment

You can click the [Quick Compose] button on the Civilization Equipment page when you have enough low-level materials to compose missing high-level materials for crafting Civilization Equipment.

Trial of Knights event

We plan to release the Trial of Knights event on September 23rd!
  • Purchase the new Knight's Duel Sale to get Knight's Duel General Chest. Open the chest to get a random General from the following ones: Darius I, Nordic Barbarian King, Cnut the Great, Andrew Jackson, Amr ibn al-As, Baldwin IV, Harald, and Constantine the Great.
  • During the event time, players can get 1 Score by consuming 1 Blood of Ares.
  • Use Scores can redeem for specific rare items or Epic Historic Generals: Nordic Barbarian King, Constantine the Great, Amr ibn al-As, and Baldwin IV.
  • Players who rank in the top 50 can get ranking rewards.
  • The scores will be reset when the event ends.


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