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General Hall Is Expanded and a new Art Treasure is waiting for you

Dear Evonians,
Thank you for your love and support of the Hall feature. We are excited to announce 3 new Exhibition Hall collections in Ⅱ on January 9th. You can recruit enough to claim , and a chance to unlock the new Art Treasure – .
's new Art Treasure: Laurel Wreath
Laurel Wreath (Level 6)
You can obtain Laurel Wreath Scrolls from to upgrade your Laurel Wreath.
The General will also start on January 9th!
There are 4 in General Hall Ⅱ with a higher probability of obtaining than others, and these 4 Generals will refresh in each round.
The 4 Epic Historic Generals of this round are , , , and .
Players can get General's Invitations from , , and . Use General's Invitations to redeem Historic Generals and !
If you cannot view the new features, please ensure you are using the latest game version.
Best Regards,
Evony Team

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