Generals quality and how to get generals in Evony

is a Cok-like game, the system is one of the most distinctive parts. In Evony, the role of the general is very important both in combat and development. To give new players a quick introduction to the general system in Evony, we have compiled this article for your reference.

The division of generals' qualities and

Evony's generals can be divided into ordinary generals and .
Ordinary generals are classified from low to high into Common General, Uncommon General, Excellent General, , and Epic General. They can be visually differentiated by color, in order of white, green, blue, purple, and golden (Even though it's “orange” in the game, I still want to call it “golden”.). The higher the quality of the general, the better his or her base stats.
Historic generals are really famous generals in history, including purple generals and golden generals, and you can check them out in Portraits. Otherwise, now they have red generals in Portraits, which are awakened, golden generals. (In view of space we will explain more about the awakening general in future articles.)
[Distinguish Epic Generals from Historical Generals]
In this game, the general's attributes are divided into , , politics, and leadership. Interestingly, each 's initial stats are based on historical facts. For example, Queen Victoria has “Politics” on the high side, while Napoleon has “Leadership” on the high side. Which general you choose is up to your demands.
[PS: Players can also improve the general's attributes through Cultivate, which can make up for the general's lack of initial attributes in some areas and makes him or her more comprehensive and powerful. ]
[General Cultivate]

The use of generals

In Evony, generals can not only lead an attack, but also defend their , manage affairs in their main city, and manage their .
Historically, the game sets up a Special Skill for each Historic General, which gives you an indication of what the general's main purpose is.
It has to be said, if you have Historic General, you've taken a big step toward invincibility. As the name implies, Historic Generals are the most famous generals in history. Evony‘s r&d team worked hard to recruit famous generals from the history of various , such as King Arthur, Lincoln, Empress Wu, and . Each famous general has his or her own unique Story, Special Skill, and .
[Examples of Historic Generals]

How to get Historic General?

Can't wait to own a Historic General so far? Let's talk about how to get it.
Evony will launch festival packages during festivals. Many of them contain golden generals, and some even contain the latest golden general. These packages are very cost-effective and the most direct way to get a Historic General.
[Festival event – Independence Day]

No.2 Recruit from

Tavern recruitment is another way to get Historic Generals. Especially for players who do not plan on buying festival packages, the main way is to save and recruit their favorite general in Tavern. It should be noted that the chance to refresh a Historic General in the tavern depends not only on luck but also on the tavern level. So, if you want to make Historic Generals as quickly as possible, you would better upgrade the tavern first.
In addition, different Historic Generals have different recruitment prices. Are you ready to spend a lot of gold recruiting them from Tavern?

No.3 First Purchase

Each new player can earn a Historic general for a minimum cost through the First Purchase. Currently, you can get Historic General , a monster General, on your first charge. We will introduce this general in more detail in future articles, so please pay attention to this website.

No.4 Time-limited Events

Evony will release some time-limited events, and please must not miss them. Because some of them will offer Historic Generals. You only need to complete specified tasks to earn but spend no money.

No.5 Relic Chamber

Collect enough Slate Fragments to open a Relic Chamber, and then you will get Historic General Fragments. Each Historic General needs 30 fragments to assemble. Players can get Slate Fragments by exploring Relics.

No.6 Great

You can obtain Historic General Fragments or even Historic Generals by unlocking Great General Chests. Of course, opening this chest requires a Key of Conscription. Every day, with its full level of Activity, you will get a Key of Conscription. In addition, it is offered two keys of Conscription per day with the purchase of the Gold Monthly Card.
[Gold Monthly Card]

No.7 Dawn of

There is also a way to get Historic Generals. When you lock Precious Treasure Level 50, you will be given a Historic General Chest in which you may choose one of several generals given. has many more rewards, but we'll talk about them separately later.

To be honest, there are many ways to get a good general in Evony, and players can choose according to their situation. The general is an essential element in the development of each Evony city. Whether you prefer or , it's imperative to grab some Historic Generals soon.

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