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Investigate Evony the King’s Return Reviews of Long-term Engagement

It is sometimes difficult for game practitioners to experience and evaluate games like real players. This may lead to imperfections in the development of their products. Therefore, it is often necessary to collect reviews from players to analyze what is worth learning from a game. According to SET factor analysis method, game design needs to consider the three dimensions of society, economy, and technology. By collecting players’ reviews of Evony the King’s Return, we found that most of them mainly stand from the perspective of technology. For them, the two dimensions of “aesthetics” and “quality” are the best display of technology. In this regard, the main theme of their reviews on Evony is that they can maintain long-term participation.

Evony Reviews: Keep players engaged for a long time

Many players have said in their comments that they have been playing for years and have never been bored. According to their descriptions, many factors keep Evony fresh and keep them engaged for a long time. We have listed the two most voted examples.
  1. Rich game content

Reinette Williams said that there are always new things in this game to keep him engaged.
“Leveling up your Keep, Monarch & Generals, training troops, joining an alliance, and defeating monsters! All very cool & tons of daily awards too!” Matthew shares.
Also, many voices are praising Evony for its great graphics, exquisite character design, easy-to-understand game flow, etc.
Through the experience of Evony, we found that these reviews come from the design style on the one hand, and from the new events on the other hand.
Since Evony is set in the Middle Ages, the design of generals and buildings is also in line with the exquisiteness and prosperity of that era. The emperors and queens of different civilizations and periods have different styles and respect historical facts. Many important figures in history have designed costumes that match their characteristics.
In addition, Evony holds a large-scale festival event almost every two weeks, and there will be some regular small activities to fill in during the period. When the festival event is opened, new generals, general skins, castle skins and decorations, ideal land ornaments, avatar frames, march effects, etc. may be released. There will be major version updates, function optimizations, new function launches, etc. every once in a while. These can all allow the game to constantly have new playable content.
  1. Interesting core mechanics

According to David Johnson’s reviews, there is a lot to learn in PVE, server-internal, and cross-server PVP wars, because there is always something happening.
Moreover, Steven Smith commented: “Fun and forever learning, there really is a lot to this game.”
This depends on Evony’s combat mechanism. In there, players can not only attack monsters but also other players.
There are many different levels and types of monsters in Evony. Defeat them, players will receive different rewards. Besides, different events update different monsters. It requires players to check at any time that defeat which monsters can get the items they want.
As for PVP, of course, the game provides a lot of safety guarantees for this. If you love peace, you can use bubbles (Truce Agreement) or participate in the battlefields. Evony provides many different battlefield copies. And the system will restore your casualties incurred on the battlefield after the copy ends. If you want to experience the feeling of conquest in the game, you can take part in SVS. During SVS, you can not only attack enemy players and defend your own server buildings but also occupy the buildings and even the royal city of the enemy server.
Furthermore, PVP has many tactics and strategies, and they are variable. You can experience the depth of their design as you get deeper into it. It involves teamwork, individual reaction speed, team tactical planning, and so on. This is where you can keep learning, as mentioned in the reviews.

The personal satisfaction of mobile games comes from the joy that players get from playing games and the release of life pressure. A game that can keep players fresh for a long time will receive good reviews. From the player’s review of Evony the King’s Return, it can be seen that the Evony team’s maintenance of long-term participation is popular.

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