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Join the Divination of Fate Event to Get Odyssey Elise Skin

Dear Evonians,
The event begins with an opportunity to acquire the , !
You can access the event via -> Divination of Fate.
During the event, you can perform divinations by using the Fate Card. Each divination will randomly award you with one prize.
Purchase the Diviner's Card Case to obtain a large number of Fate Cards, or you can obtain Fate Cards from monster killing and resource gathering.
Your first daily ‘Divine Once' is free, while your first daily ‘Divine x10' enjoys a 20% discount.
Accrue divinations to specified counts to receive additional rewards.
Upon the event's conclusion, unused Fate Cards will automatically transform into Divination Chests. Kindly utilize them promptly!
Make sure to update to the latest version of the game to participate in the event.
Best regards,
The Evony Team

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