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Join the Napoleon Collaboration Lead-up Event to Get Gifts and Share Gems

Dear Monarch,
The × event has commenced on November 21st! The epic story of the emperor Napoleon is about to unfold, with numerous exciting events set to go live! Enjoy a wonderful Journey in the game, and see the movie now in cinemas.
Evony and Napoleon Collaboration
Evony and Warm-up Event

Napoleon Collaboration Premiere Login Gift

  • The of the Napoleon movie brings awesome gifts! The event starts on November 22nd!
  • Daily logins will earn you Napoleon Gold Coins.
  • You can see the Premiere Login Gift in the .
  • Log in for 7 days to claim the Napoleon Collaboration Box.
  • Log in for 10 days to claim the (Glory).

Napoleon's Trial During Napoleon Collaboration

  • The event begins on November 22nd. During the event, Napoleon will turn into a stern examiner. Monarchs, please think carefully and answer the questions posed by Napoleon to have a chance to share 60,000,000 !
  • Access the event interface through [Event Center] – [Napoleon's Trial].
  • The trial event has two types: and .
  • There are 10 questions in the Junior Trial and no answering time limit. Answer 6 questions correctly to qualify for the Senior Trial, and answer 9 questions correctly to get 1 .
  • There are 15 questions in the Senior Trial and each question has an answering time limit, if you don't answer the question in time, it will be regarded as a wrong answer.
  • In addition, you will be eliminated if you get 1 wrong answer and don't have any Trial Revival Ticket. You will get the accumulated rewards, but cannot share Gems. If you have a Trial Revival Ticket when you get 1 answer wrong, the Trial Revival Ticket will be consumed automatically and the answer will be considered correct.
  • Moreover, players who answer all questions correctly in the Senior Trial will be qualified to share Gems. The remaining Trial Revival Tickets you gain weekly will be removed after the Senior Trial ends.
  • Please refer to in-game event rules for other details.
If you cannot see the event content, please update to the latest version.
Best regards,
The Evony team

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