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Join the Quest for Treasure Event to Get King Solomon’s Treasure in Evony

Dear Evonians,
The Event is set to officially begin on September 26th!
You can view the event interface via -> Quest for Treasure.

Here are the event details for you:

The event will run for a total of 3 days.
  • During the event, Ancient Treasure Maps can be obtained by purchasing event packages or defeating Boss monsters.
  • Once you use the , you'll receive the coordinates of a treasure. Send your troops there to claim .
  • While searching for treasures, there's a chance to encounter the holding Treasure Clue Fragments. Defeat them, gather all fragments, and you can compose the King Solomon's Treasure.
  • Throughout the event, earn personal and point rewards by reaching specified points. These rewards will be sent via mail.
  • At the event's conclusion, personal and Alliance ranking rewards will be sent via mail.
  • Please note, all Ancient Treasure Maps will be recalled once the event ends. Ensure they are used promptly.
Make sure to update to the latest version of the game to participate in the event.
Best regards,
Evony Team

10 thoughts on “Join the Quest for Treasure Event to Get King Solomon’s Treasure in Evony”

  1. Is there a limit to how many ancient treasure chests can be collected in one day? It is saying i have already collected an Ancient treasure when i Haven’t.

    1. Thanks for your comment. There is no daily limit on the number of ancient treasure chests you can pick up. As long as you summoned it yourself, you can pick it up no matter how many there are. And it will not affect the daily pickup limit of other types of treasure chests.

  2. are there unlimited treasure maps by defeating Boss monsters? or do you have to purchase more once you’ve reached a certain limit?

    1. The upper limit obtained from killing monsters: Ancient Treasure Map I *60, Ancient Treasure Map II *45, and Ancient Treasure Map III *15. If players want more maps, they can purchase packages.

  3. How can an alliance kill my Bandit and I cant kill theirs? Also, how can an Alliance rally the bandit and I cant?

      1. Not true. Wr have one alliance on our server that kills our and other alliances bandits.
        Maybe you should fix this together with all other glitches?

      2. There was an anomaly. And the problem has been solved now. Players can log in to the game to view the official announcement mail and receive corresponding compensation items.

      3. Hey.

        You launch this event yet again and still ond other alliance keep oilling others bandits. First day after a few hours one of that alliance player have 3 times more points than the next ones on the list

      4. Thank you for thinking of us. We’re sorry that this problem has troubled you, but you can contact “Customer Support” in the game. Please describe the problem in detail and send the corresponding screenshot to Customer Support. If possible, try to explain how the other person operates. Because the relevant staff need more detailed information to help you troubleshoot the fault. Evony will try its best to help you solve your problem. Sorry again and thank you for your message.

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