Kong’s Adventure Event & New Monarch Gear Preview

Dear Evonians,
The adventurous explorers from have discovered the mysterious Skull Island!
We plan to release the second round of the Collaboration Event from November 4th to November 13th!
Get ready for facing the legendary beast Kong!

Login Rewards

– Log in to claim the special !

Jungle Nightmare

– Defeat Mother Longlegs to get , Chests, and other rare items!

Monarch Sciences

– This mysterious organization has been tracking ancient beasts. During the event time, players can complete the challenge quests and purchase basic to gain certain Points.
– Players can get at Level 40 after unlocking privileges.
– The top 10 in Monarch Sciences will receive castle decoration – Skull Island (30 Day)!

Skull Island Defense

During the event, players can upgrade defenses against the powerful prehistoric creature from Skull Island by purchasing , upgrading the level of the will gain awesome gifts!
– Players can gain Scroll Chest () at Party Cake level 4.
– Players can gain Officer's Armor Scroll at Party Cake level 8.
– Players can gain the new Castle Decoration – Kong's City, Epic , and Civilization Scroll Chest () at Party Cake level 10.

Kong's Adventure

– Kong's Adventure Sale with 54,000% Value!
More Kong: Skull Island Collaboration event content, including limited , Castle Decoration, and , is coming soon!

New Monarch Gear – Globus Cruciger is coming!

Equip it to reduce enemy troops' attacks.
You can get an Lv7 () from Tier 5 Kong's Adventure Event . Open the chest to receive a random Lv7 Globus Cruciger.
of all Globus Crucigers at Max Level:
Lv15 Mountain Globus Cruciger: When , -78%
Lv15 Wind Globus Cruciger: When attacking, Enemy Attack -78%
Lv15 Thunder Globus Cruciger: When attacking, Enemy Attack -78%
Lv15 Fire Globus Cruciger: When attacking, Enemy Siege Machine Attack -78%
Lv15 Sun Globus Cruciger: When attacking, Enemy Ground and Mounted Troop Attack -50%
Lv15 Moon Globus Cruciger: When attacking, Enemy Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack -50%
Lv15 Ares Globus Cruciger: When attacking, Enemy Troop Attack -36%
If you cannot view the event & new normally, please update to the latest version.
Best Regards,
Evony Team

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