Kong’s Adventure Event & New Monarch Gear Preview

Dear Evonians,
The adventurous explorers from have discovered the mysterious !
We plan to release the second round of the Kong: Skull Island Collaboration Event from November 4th to November 13th!
Get ready for facing the legendary beast Kong!

Login Rewards

– Log in to claim the special Beast Bones !

Jungle Nightmare

– Defeat Mother Longlegs to get Source of Life, Chests, and other rare items!

Monarch Sciences

– This mysterious organization has been tracking ancient beasts. During the event time, players can complete the challenge quests and purchase to gain certain Points.
– Players can get Buffalo Vessel March Effect at Level 40 after unlocking privileges.
– The top 10 in Sciences will receive castle decoration – Skull Island (30 Day)!

Skull Island Defense

During the event, players can upgrade defenses against the powerful prehistoric creature from Skull Island by purchasing basic , upgrading the level of the will gain awesome gifts!
– Players can gain Scroll Chest () at level 4.
– Players can gain Officer's Armor Scroll at Party Cake level 8.
– Players can gain the new Castle Decoration – Kong's City, Epic Historic , and (Supremacy) at Party Cake level 10.

Kong's Adventure

– Kong's Adventure Sale with 54,000% Value!
More Kong: Skull Island Collaboration event content, including limited General, Castle Decoration, and , is coming soon!

New Monarch Gear – Globus Cruciger is coming!

Equip it to reduce enemy troops' attacks.
You can get an () from Tier 5 Kong's Adventure Event . Open the chest to receive a random Lv7 Globus Cruciger.
of all Globus Crucigers at Max Level:
Lv15 Mountain Globus Cruciger: When , -78%
Lv15 Wind Globus Cruciger: When attacking, Enemy Attack -78%
Lv15 Thunder Globus Cruciger: When attacking, Enemy Attack -78%
Lv15 Fire Globus Cruciger: When attacking, Enemy Attack -78%
Lv15 Sun Globus Cruciger: When attacking, Enemy Ground and Mounted Troop Attack -50%
Lv15 Moon Globus Cruciger: When attacking, Enemy Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack -50%
Lv15 Ares Globus Cruciger: When attacking, Enemy Troop Attack -36%
If you cannot view the event & new normally, please update to the latest version.
Best Regards,
Evony Team

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