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Lu Xun: A Powerful Ground Troop General in Evony

We are thrilled to introduce , an unveiled during the Event. Renowned for his formidable leadership of Ground Troops in Evony, Lu Xun stands out with his Special Skill and Specialty. Originating from the era of the Three Kingdoms, Lu Xun was a prominent military strategist and statesman of the Wu state. This guide will offer players a detailed overview of his attributes, access paths, and storied background, providing a comprehensive insight into him.
Evony TKR Best Ground Troop General Lu Xun
Epic Historic General Lu Xun in Evony

Lu Xun's Special Skill

Battle of Xiaoting
Increases ground troops' attack by 45% and ground and mounted troops' defense and HP by 30% when the General is leading the army to attack.
Players can ascend General Lu Xun to awaken more attributes of the Special Skill. The details are shown in the table below.
Ascending Star
General Fragment *30
Marching Attack +15%;
Marching Ground Troop and Mounted Troop HP +10%
General Fragment *60
Blood of Ares *750
Marching Troop Death into Wounded Rate +10%
General Fragment *90
Blood of Ares *890
March Size Capacity +14%
General Fragment *120
Blood of Ares *1,070
Marching Mounted Troop and Ground Troop Attack +10% and Defense +25%
General Fragment *150
Blood of Ares *1,250
When attacking, Ground Troop Attack and Defense +25%, HP +30%
The General Fragment can be 1:1 replaced by the .

Lu Xun's Max-Level Specialty

  • Ground Troop Defense: Ground Troop HP +10%; Ground Troop Defense +10%
  • Formation: Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Attack +10%
  • Ground Troop Ares: Ground Troop Attack +10%; Ground Troop HP +10%; Ground Troop Defense +10%
  • Chief Controller of Eastern Wu: Ground Troop Attack +40%; Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Defense +35%
Upgrade the Specialty will consume the and .
Moreover, can increase the Double EXP Rate of specialty upgrading.

How to Acquire General Lu Xun

General Lu Xun may be obtained from the following General Tokens.
  • Epic General
  • Epic Historic General
  • Epic Historic General (Premium)

The Way to Get General Tokens

  1. The 5th-tier Event Package(s)
  2. Loyalty Rewards
  3. Gather Troops (The reward chest of 70 progress)
  4. VIP Premium Package
  5. Limited Offer
  6. ……

Lu Xun's General Story

In 221 AD, amid the searing gusts sweeping across the Yiling Mountains, Lu Xun, commander of the Wu, stood overlooking the expansive battleground. He directed his troops to key strategic points, preparing them for a decisive confrontation with the formidable Han army.
Although the Han's camp stretched for 350 kilometers, Lu Xun perceived a critical vulnerability within their forested fortifications. Exploiting this weakness, he ensnared the Han amidst the dense woods. With unparalleled cunning, he launched a salvo of blazing arrows into their midst, igniting a fierce blaze that engulfed and ravaged the Han's defenses. Seizing this advantage, Wu's warriors surged forth, decimating the disoriented Han forces.
As the dust settled, the Han's once formidable army lay in ruins, with countless soldiers and revered generals among the fallen. This resounding triumph not only elevated Lu Xun's renown across the Three Kingdoms but also immortalized his ingenious fire tactic in Chinese military annals. A luminary in strategy and governance, Lu Xun's indelible mark on Wu's ascendancy remains a testament to his valor.

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