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New Buildings and Monsters are Coming with 4.50.0 Version Update

Dear Evonians,
We plan to add or adjust the following features with the release of . Here are the highlights:
To ascend the throne sooner, the Monarch will adopt the advanced kingdom system, announcing comprehensive political and military reforms, thus declaring the glorious era of monarchy has officially arrived!

Establishing Kingdom Military-Political Governance

The splendor of the kingdom leaves its mark on the stone tablets of civilization; magnificent buildings bear witness to a glorious age. Emulating the kingdom's governance, the Monarch receives the loyalty and support of powerful legions, transforming the bustling city into a royal capital.
  1. Increasing Building Level Cap

Level 45 buildings will officially launch after the version update! Only more advanced and magnificent buildings can demonstrate the Monarch's noble status. By upgrading city buildings, you will own an even broader and more advanced city.
  1. New Building –

By establishing a Council of State, the Monarch can manage the military and political affairs of the city, which is an important step in the Kingdom's system.
Appoint Historic Generals to military titles and positions to receive attribute bonuses.
  1. New Advanced Troops

Powerful level 16 troops come from different civilizations. Train these advanced troops, receive their loyalty and support, and they will assist the Monarch to conquer the continent!
  1. Adjusting

Under the Monarch's command, excellent generals lead powerful armies, wielding spears and swords, conquering more territories. There are 2 additional Subordinate City slots that can be unlocked after certain conditions are met.

Restoring the Glory of Civilization

The glorious relics of past civilizations bear witness to bygone glory. The Monarch repairs these relics, collects and restores historical civilization landscapes, allowing the miracles of civilization to re-emerge in the world.
The new building – , will officially launch after the version update!
Collect civilization landscapes, freely place them in Ideal Land, and construct your desired museum. Activating some buildings can gain powerful attributes.
  1. Style

Under thousands of years of wind and sand erosion, once magnificent temples are left with only ruins, but these remnants still bring immense awe to everyone. The initial style is Ancient Ruins. You can clear the ruins and rebuild them in your preferred style.
  1. Style

The glory of the Renaissance is vividly portrayed in the luxurious court buildings with their extravagant carving and gilding. You can obtain gorgeous civilization buildings through participating in events and various gameplay. After obtaining, please use them in your inventory.

Technological and Academic Innovation

The Monarch has conquered many powerful nations and formidable legions, encountering the powerful military formations and tactics of various civilizations. The city has higher-level trap technology and can produce higher-level traps.
  1. New and

Research Melee and Long Range Formations in the Military Academy to further improve the military level of the city!
  1. New

Research Defense Advance in the Academy to further improve the defense level of the city!
  1. New Higher Level Traps

You can build the new Trap Ⅸ, Rock Ⅸ, Abatis Ⅸ and Fire Arrow Ⅸ in the Trap Factory!

Awakening the Power of Spiritual Beasts

The Spiritual Beasts follow the Generals onto the battlefield, awakening the ancient power in their bloodlines. The Dragons also reach a new talent breakthrough, gaining even greater power.
  1. and

After reaching a certain level, Siren, Nine-tailed Fox, and Pegasus will unlock the Spiritual Beast Seal feature. Each Seal provides unique attributes.
Upgrading seals can unlock Innate Skills and activate additional effects of Innate Skills based on the total level of seals.
  1. Increasing Level Cap

You can raise Dragons' talent to a higher level to gain higher attribute bonuses.

Event Optimization

To enhance your event experience, we will comprehensively improve the rewards of events. Participate in the game's daily and limited events to earn more generous rewards!
  • The value of most packages will be significantly increased, including some holiday packages, some event packages and some limited packages.
  • After the version update, most rewards will be comprehensively increased, including Monsters, Battlefields, Regular Events and Holiday Events.
  • The number of you can summon on the map and the rewards will be improved, and a chance to challenge the Excellent Garuda through Alliance will be added.
  • Add a Hard mode to the Undead Invasion event. Hard mode is more challenging, but you can earn more scores and rewards.

Other Contents

  1. New Resource Spots

There are richer Resource Spots on the map where you can gather more resources.
  1. New Boss Monsters

Kill new Boss Monsters on the map to earn more generous rewards!
After completing the newly added quest – , the new Boss Monsters will be unlocked.
  1. Balance Adjustments

The action priority of Level 15 and Level 16 Siege Machines is increased.
Best Regards,
Evony Team

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