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Searching for Treasures in Evony’s Lost Treasures Event

Dear Evonians,
We plan to release the Event on February 3rd! Please participate in , and get Lost Treasure Chests.

Treasure Searching Event!

During the event time, players can consume to search for treasures. Higher-level treasures consume more Golden Compasses.
Players can get up to 3 Golden Compasses from and up to 7 Golden Compasses from every day. Players can also get massive Golden Compasses from .

Lost Treasure Chest!

Open the chest gained from treasure searching to receive rare items. There is also a chance to receive !
If you don't get Red Demons March Effect after opening 279 times, this March Effect is guaranteed within the next opening!
Compose feature unlocks after obtaining all treasures in Treasure Searching. Use 3 Golden Compasses to compose 1 .
You can also get the ultimate reward, !
Within 3 days after the event ends, players can disassemble the remaining Golden Compasses to receive rare items, otherwise, they will disappear.
Please update to the latest version if you cannot view the event.
Best Regards,
Evony Team

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