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Server War and Dawn of Civilization Rewards Have Been Improved!

Dear Evonians,
In gratitude for your outstanding contributions during the , we have recently improved the rewards in the Server War Monarch Score Chests by adding a new item, the Specialty Fragment ().

Server War Rewards Improvement

Starting now, when you acquire the Bronze Server War Ⅰ, Bronze Server War Monarch Score Chest Ⅲ, Silver Server War Monarch Score Chest Ⅱ, Gold Server War Monarch Score Chest Ⅰ, and Gold Server War Monarch Score Chest Ⅲ in Server War, upon opening the chest, you'll receive this added reward!

Dawn of Civilization Rewards Improvement

Additionally, we have added 10 Specialty Fragments (Battle-Tested) to the level 50 free reward in the .
By collecting 10 Specialty Fragments (Battle-Tested), you can compose one (Battle-Tested).

The reward adjustments took effect on October 10th.
Any Server War Monarch Score Chest obtained before this date will maintain its original rewards.
Thank you for your understanding and support!
Best regards,
Evony Team

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