Spin Moerae’s Machine at Lucky Jackpot Event to Get Rewards

Dear Evonians,
The event is set to officially begin on November 17th!
During the event, you can get the from Daily Activity rewards and the Lucky Jackpot Package. Use the Lucky Chip to spin Moerae's Machine and earn the Jackpot Coin that can be exchanged for rich rewards!
The Lucky Jackpot Package includes Lucky Chips, Epic Historic General (Premium), massive resources, and speedups!
All of the players' spins will add up to the . And there is a chance to share rewards in the Fate Prize Pool by spinning Moerae's Machine! The prize pool contains Historic General Fragment (), March Effects, and other rare items!
Make sure to update to the latest version of the game to participate in the event.
Best regards,
The Evony team

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