The 2nd round of Godzilla Collaboration Event Preview

Dear Evonians,
With the cooperation of the Monarchs and , we successfully defeated King Ghidorah! We are excited to announce the 2nd round of our event, starting on March 3rd! Don't miss your chance to recruit the new , !
Here are the highlights of what you can expect during the event:

Godzilla's Roar

Acquire Spiritual Beast Scales from during the event and redeem them for the to unlock the Spiritual Beast Burning Godzilla.
Burning Godzilla can march with your troops on the map!
Please note that the Burning Core can only be redeemed once.

King of the Monsters

During the event, you can complete event quests and purchase to increase Points for rich , including the at Prosperity Level 40!

Decoration Collection Package

During the event, you can purchase the Godzilla Limited through Valuable Event, which contains a !
You can view the new Collection in Keep-Decorate.

Godzilla Fame Emblem

Get any three of the following decorations, Spiritual Beast, Avatar Frames, or March Effect during the event to unlock the , Godzilla!
  • Decoration Collection Package: March Effect
  • King of the : Golden Prestige Avatar Frame
  • King's Party: Godzilla's Castle (Permanent)
  • Godzilla's Roar: Burning Godzilla

Godzilla Collaboration: Crazy Eggs

Smash the Godzilla Collaboration limited eggs during the event and earn rewards. The activated rewards of this event include the !

World Boss Biollante

Players can also at a specific time to gain rewards during the Godzilla Collaboration event period!
Please note that all limited items can only be acquired during the Godzilla Collaboration event!
Make sure to update to the latest version if you are unable to access the event. Best regards, Evony Team

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