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The first round of the Godzilla Collaboration Event is coming!

Dear Evonians,
from the sea brings a new challenge to Evony!
We are excited to announce the first round of our event, which will start on February 17th!
Participate in the event to recruit the new , Burning Godzilla, and attack Ghidogah and Biollante.
Here are the highlights of what you can expect during the event:

Login Rewards

Log in to claim the limited Flame Ring Decoration (3 Days)!

Burning Godzilla

During the event, you can acquire Godzilla from King Ghidorah Package and Boss , which can be redeemed for the Burning Core. With the Burning Core, you can unlock the Spiritual Beast Burning Godzilla.
Burning Godzilla can march with your troops on the map!
Please note that Burning Core can only be redeemed once!

King Ghidogah Invasion

During the event, you can redeem Godzilla Badges for rare items, including Burning Core and Crimson Crystals.
You can obtain Godzilla Badges in the following ways:
  • Get up to 300 Godzilla Badges from Boss monster King Ghidogah every day.
  • Get extra Godzilla Badges from King Ghidogah summoned with King Ghidorah's Token.
  • There is also a chance to obtain a large number of Godzilla Badges from .
You can earn King Ghidorah's Tokens and Lucky Chests from King Ghidorah Package!

King of the Monsters

During the event, you can complete event quests and purchase basic Gems to increase Prosperity Points for rich rewards!
You can obtain the limited Flame Ring Decoration (7 Days) at Prosperity Level 20 and Crimson Roar Avatar Frame at Prosperity Level 40!

Godzilla Fame Emblem

You can gain Godzilla's Castle (Permanent) at King's Party Cake level 10. Use this item to get either Godzilla's Castle – Flame or Godzilla's Castle – Jade.
Get any three of the following Decorations, Spiritual Beast, Avatar Frames, or Marching Effect during the event to unlock the Fame Emblem, Godzilla!
  • Decorations: Godzilla's Castle – Flame, Godzilla's Castle – Jade
  • Avatar Frames: Crimson Roar, Golden Prestige
  • Divine Beast: Burning Godzilla
  • March Effect: Guardian Deity
Golden Prestige Avatar Frame and Guardian Deity March Effect are coming soon!

World Boss Biollante

Biollante randomly locates on the World Map and changes location every 4 hours.
A player will get rewards for each solo attack and will get extra rewards for the single-time personal damage ranking.
A player will get rewards for each Alliance War attack and will get extra rewards for the single-time Alliance damage ranking.
A player will not lose on attacking Biollante and the troops only get wounded. A player or a rally initiator can get extra rewards if his attack lowers Biollante's HP to exactly 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, and 0.
Make sure to update to the latest version if you are unable to access the event. 
Best Regards
Evony Team

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