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Alliance Boss Event will Become a Permanent Feature in Evony!

Dear Evonians,
Since its launch, the event has been blazing hot in popularity. To satisfy the fervent enthusiasm of our monarchs, we have decided that, starting from August 25th, the Alliance Boss event will become a permanent feature.
Here are the event details for you:
  • A new reward, the , is being introduced. Silver Lionheart Badges can be used to redeem items from the .
  • The Silver Lionheart Badge will not expire. You can accumulate this item through long-term participation in the event to redeem !
  • The Alliance Boss Event Shop will reset its redemption chance every 28 days. Please ensure you utilize any remaining opportunities in time.
  • This update fixes the event countdown display issues on certain devices.
If you do not see this event, or if you find any problems with the event countdown display, please try updating the game to the latest version.
Best regards,
Evony Team
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