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Evony Clash of Civilizations Event Adjustment and Optimization

Dear Evonians,
The – Assault event is set to commence on May 14th! Assist in defeating for a chance to earn entry qualifications to the Clash of Civilizations ! This event also brings some adjustments and optimizations to enhance your battlefield experience.

Clash of Civilizations Event Overview:

  • During the event, there are event monsters – , and event buildings Dawn Temple, Dawn Sanctuary, and Eclipse Strongholds on the map.
  • You can earn event scores by killing Shadow of Dawn event monsters and occupying or reinforcing the Order of Dawn buildings. The more scores you accumulate, the better rewards you'll receive at the settlement.
  • When completely defeated, the Order of Dawn buildings will be on fire for a while and then be destroyed. Players can send troops to occupy them before they destroy them. The higher the troops' power, the more scores you can receive.
  • Moreover, there's a chance to obtain powerful buffs after killing Shadow of Dawn or breaking Order of Dawn buildings.

Battlefield Rules:

  • After the Clash of Civilizations – Assault event ends, the system will rank players according to the total scores obtained during the event. Players who place top 25 will be eligible to enter the Clash of Civilizations battlefield.
  • After entering the battlefield, a server will be automatically matched with 7 opponents. Servers will be ranked based on the Clash of Civilizations scores.

Clash of Civilizations Rewards:

  • Players can receive corresponding daily score rewards and daily ranking rewards. After the event ends, players will receive final ranking rewards.
  • In the Clash of Civilizations battlefield, rankings are based on individual scores and points. After the battlefield concludes, both individual and Alliance ranking rewards will be distributed.

Battlefield Adjustment and Optimization:

  • Enhance event rewards;
  • Optimize battlefield lag issue;
  • Optimize UI display and map display;
  • Other bugs fix.
If you have any feedback or suggestions about the event, please feel free to contact our Customer Service. We will continue to improve and update the game in future releases. Additionally, we have prepared some gifts for you in the announcement mail. Please log in to the game to claim them!
Make sure to update the game to the latest version to access the event.
Best regards,
The Evony team

2 thoughts on “Evony Clash of Civilizations Event Adjustment and Optimization”

  1. The Clash of Civilizations Event doesn’t show in the event center on the mac desktop client. is there a fix for that?

    1. Hi S,we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you’ve experienced. It seems like your Clash of Civilization Event is playing hide and seek with you. You can describe your ID and the problem you encounter in detail to the Customer Support in the game. They will spare no effort to help you solve it.

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