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Evony Historic General Ashoka Comes to Diwali Celebration Event

Dear Evonians,
We plan to release the event from October 24th to November 12th!
Here are the event details for you:

Promise of Diyas Event

During the event time, there is a chance to get Epic Historic from the event by consuming .
If you don't get Ashoka after using 239 event items, this General is guaranteed within the next time. This effect resets every time you get Ashoka.
Diwali Diyas Daily Obtaining Limit:
  • Up to 10 from resource gathering
  • Up to 20 from monster-killing
  • No limit on packages

Gift of Lights Event

Players can get Diwali Points by consuming Diwali Diyas. Diwali Points can be used to redeem rewards in the event! They will disappear at the end of the event.
There are two stages of the event.
  1. During the first stage, players can purchase the Package, which contains Diwali Diya and other items.
  2. During the second stage, players can purchase the Package, which contains Gift of Lights Boxes. There is a chance to receive massive Diwali Diyas by opening the box.
Please view the actual event time at the event center.
All event items will disappear by the end of the event.
Please update to the latest version to participate in the event.
Best Regards,
Evony Team

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