Evony releases the Running of the Bulls events & important Updates in 4.27.0

July 15, 2022, Evony releases the  events and packages and makes some valuable updates. Let us take a look.

Evony New Events Contents

Package Sale with 52,000% Value
Treasure Hunt Event
King's Party Event
Other events
Some valuable Updates (Version 4.27.0)
No.1 About Ascending
No.2 About Historic 's acquisition
No.3 improvement

Package Sale with 52,000% Value

During the event time, the deal every day includes a total of 5 packages, with massive , speedups, , Lucky Coins, and subordinate city  in them.

There is also a chance to receive the new Epic Historic General Soult from the ultimate 5th package, as well as , , and Lv7 (Dagger). Soult can be awakened, and the details of him are as follows.

[Evony Historic General Soult]

Treasure Hunt Event

During the event time, you can explore Pyramid Ruins on the and get rewards.
Use Pharaoh's Treasure Maps to receive Coordinates of Pyramid Ruins and earn massive scores.
The top 5 players in the Personal Score can receive the Castle -Twilight (14 days).
King's Party Event

You can gain Abbas Leg armor Scroll Fragments at level 4, and Epic Historic General Chest and Abbas Boots Scroll Fragments at Party Cake level 10.

Other events

Auction House
Consume to Earn Awesome Rewards

Gather troops and King's Path
Other conventional events

Some valuable Updates (Version 4.27.0)

No.1 About Ascending

The following General's Ascending function will be enabled.

Queen Boudica, Isabella I, Mansa Musa, Himiko, , Suleiman the Magnificent, Wei Qing, Arminius, Vladimir the Great, Yi Sun-sin, Jadwiga, Hannibal, Alfred the Great, Skanderbeg, Yue Fei, Margaret I, Robert the Bruce and Tomyris.

[Examples of new Ascending Generals]

No.2 About Historic General's acquisition

There are many  that were exclusive to the past events that are no longer available after the event expires. Fortunately, this time Evony will open some of them up in the . You can get these Historic Generals by recruiting in the Tavern. They include Menshikov, , , Queen Boudica, , John I of Portugal, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Jadwiga, Yue Fei, Kusunoki Masashige, Harald, Matthias I, Robert the Bruce, Cyrus the Great and Gnarr. Read more about Evony Historic General Features: It's imperative to grab Evony Historic Generals.

[Recruit Matthias I in Traven]

No.3 Rewards improvement

The rewards that are improved include but are not limited to the following parts.

Special Events: , Lucky Composing, , Golden Goblin, Dwarf's Lucky Apple, Competition, Holiday Celebration, Undead Invasion, Viking Challenge, and Royal Thief.
Battlefields: Battle of , , , and Battle of Chalons.
Daily Events: Daily Activity, Subordinate Cities‘ Material Production, Levy, alliance Gift, and .

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