Evony’s new Civilization Equipment Heian Set Announcement

Dear Evonians:
The new is coming!
You can gain Scroll Fragments and Scroll Fragments by upgrading the 's level in the King's Party Event during the Anniversary Celebration event, which opens on December 1st.
The Heian period in Japanese history is when the national culture matured and is also considered the peak of Japanese art. Heian-kyō, the capital of Japan during that period, is still the spiritual hometown of Japanese citizens.
Heian Bracers (5- )
  • Siege Machine Attack Range +15%
Heian Tachi (5-Star Attributes)
  • Siege Machine Attack +60%
  • Marching Siege Machine Attack +30%
  • Enemy Ranged Troop and Siege Machine -25%
If you cannot view the new Civilization Equipment after the Anniversary Celebration Event opens, please update to the latest version. Best Regards, Team

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