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Get Rewards from Desert Bandit at Civilization Celebration

Dear Evonians,
In order to thank you for your support and love for Evony, we will have a series of events from June 11th to 13th!

Wheel of Civilization Event

During the event time, players can use Noble Coins to spin the Wheel of Civilization. There is a chance to get the ultimate rewards Chest (Conquest) and Civilization Scroll Fragment Chest (Supremacy) from the wheel.
You can get Noble Coins from Monsters, Resource Spots, and Wheel of Civilization Packages.
Any remaining Noble Coins will be converted into Noble Coin Chests after the event ends.

Quest for Treasure Event

During the event, Ancient Treasure Maps can be obtained by purchasing event packages or defeating Boss monsters. Once you use the Ancient Treasure Map, you'll receive the coordinates of a treasure. Send your troops there to claim rewards.
While searching for treasures, there's a chance to encounter the holding Treasure Clue Fragments. Defeat them, gather all fragments, and you can compose King Solomon's Treasure.
Throughout the event, earn personal and Alliance point rewards by reaching specified points. At the event's conclusion, personal and Alliance ranking rewards will be sent via mail. All Ancient Treasure Maps will disappear once the event ends. Ensure they are used promptly.

General Portrait Exhibition Event

During the event time, players can get General's Invitations from the Server Monarch Competition, Activity Chest, and packages. Use General's Invitations to redeem Historic Generals, resources, and General Hall Historic General tokens!

King's Scheme Event

During the event time, players can get General Mementos from the King's Scheme event sale and redeem a specific General from redeemable ones or Epic Historic General Token of Common, Rare, or Super quality.
In this round of the event, players can redeem: , , and .
In the next round of the event, players can redeem: Nero, Hannibal, and Zachary Taylor.

Strategic Stockpile Event

Join Strategic Stockpile Event to get rewards from Gems purchases!
During the event, you will get many rewards by purchasing a certain amount of Basic Gems daily!
The event is reset daily, please claim your rewards in time.

Joyful Harvest Event

Join the Event to get rewards!
The Joyful Harvest Event is open, and great rewards are waiting for you! During the event, you can get many rewards when you complete quests every day!
The event is reset daily, please claim your rewards in time.

Precious Vegetation Event

Join the Event to get rewards from Korean Ginseng consumption!
The Korean Ginseng will allow you to get massive rare items by quest completion. (The event items will disappear after the event ends. Please use them in time!)

Consuming Return Event

Consume to Earn Awesome Rewards!
There will be a short-term Consuming Return Event, in which players can get awesome rewards from consuming a certain amount of Gold and certain Speedups.
Best regards,
The Evony Team

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