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Ideal Land Level Cap Increase & Other Function Adjustment

Dear Evonians,
In our ongoing quest to improve your gaming experience, we're excited to announce upcoming enhancements and adjustments designed to enrich your gaming experience. Here's the report on what's on the horizon:

Ideal Land Level Cap Increase

We're elevating the level cap from 5 to 7. Ascend to new heights of power by selecting “Ideal Land” followed by “Upgrade” to level your Ideal Land up.

New Ideal Land level attributes will be as follows:

Ideal Land Lv6:
  • Power: 4,000,000
  • Construction Speed: +27%
  • All Troops HP: +25%
  • All Troops Attack: +25%
  • All Troops Defense: +25%
Ideal Land Lv7:
  • Power: 5,000,000
  • Construction Speed: +32%
  • All Troops HP: +30%
  • All Troops Attack: +30%
  • All Troops Defense: +30%

Civilization Treasure Level Cap Increase

The max level for Civilization Treasure is being raised from 8 to 11. To upgrade your Civilization Treasures with Treasure Fragments, simply go to ” -> “Civilization Treasure” -> “Upgrade”. The greater the level, the mightier the attributes.

March Queue Optimization

We've refined the interface and functionality of the march queue on the .
A Rally Details” button is now included in the march queue panel, allowing you to view rally information at a glance. Rally initiators can swiftly launch attacks or cancel the rally.
Addressed issues where the march queue would sometimes display out of order.

Buff Icon Indicator

A new shortcut button for city buffs is added to the upper left corner of the game interface, showcasing current buffs. Tap the icon to view details of your buffs and manage city buffs.

Emblems Added to Safe Code Protection

Activating the safe code in settings now adds extra protection for unlocking and consuming emblems. We recommend enabling the safe code to safeguard your treasures.
Best regards,
The Evony Team

2 thoughts on “Ideal Land Level Cap Increase & Other Function Adjustment”

  1. The buff shortcut is awesome. Should also enable a replenish all button when training troops. It will speed things up

    1. Hi Mona, we’re so glad to receive your positive feedback. The Evony Team will continue to strive to provide a better gaming experience for all players. Please stay tuned for more updates.

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