New Monarch Gear Dragon Head is Coming!

Dear Evonians,

New is coming!
Equip Dragon Head to increase your troops' .

Evony Monarch Gear Dragon Head
Gear Dragon Head

You can get Lv7 (Dragon Head) from the Tier 5 . Open the chest to receive a random Lv7 Dragon Head.

of all Dragon Heads at Max Level:Lv15 : Marching HP +200%
Lv15 : Marching HP +200%
Lv15 : Marching HP +200%
Lv15 : Marching HP +200%
Lv15 : Marching Mounted Troop and Ground Troop HP +153%
Lv15 : Marching Ranged Troop and Siege Machine HP +153%
Lv15 : Marching Troops HP +122%

If you cannot view the new Monarch Gears normally, please update to the latest version.

Best Regards,
Evony Team

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