Participate in Delphic Oracle Event and make a wish to get General Mikhail Kutuzov

Dear Evonians,
Listen to the Oracle with devotion! The are coming! We are excited to announce the new season of event, taking place from April 18th to 27th!

Apollo's Glory

During the event, you have a chance to obtain Mikhail Kutuzov by wishing with . This is guaranteed within 240 wishes. This effect resets every time you get Historic General Mikhail Kutuzov.
You can get up to 10 Glory of Astraeus per day from , 20 Glory of Astraeus per day from , and more Glory of Astraeus from special .
You can also get from each wishing. They can be used in of Artemis' Blessing to redeem for !

Artemis' Blessing

During the event, you can buy the Artemis' Blessing , which contains the Glory of Astraeus and .
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