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Preview of Kong Collaboration Event Round Four

Dear Evonians,
We are excited to announce the Event Round 4, Legend of Kong, which will take place from April 14th to 24th!
Challenge Kong Event Evony
Challenge Kong Event Evony

Login Rewards

Log in for 3 days to claim the special Beast Bones Decoration (3 Days)!
Log in for 7 days to claim 5 Weaver's Flares! Use this item to call Kong on the city.

Beast Lair

The inhabitants of , the Iwi, once created the giant stone tablet to worship Kongs and hid it in the lair of Kong's ancestors. Over the years, the location of the lair has been lost, and only by obtaining enough Beast Bone Fragments from Relics can the location of the Beast Lair be confirmed. Help the Iwi find the tablet and earn valuable treasures!

Ancient Island Hunt

After a fierce battle, Kong and Skullcrawler were both seriously injured. Since then, Kong's fur has turned pale with a fiery temper due to the poison of Skullcrawler.
During the event, you can obtain Fatal Fangs by defeating Skullcrawlers. Use Fatal Fang to summon a Shadow of Kong.
You can defeat Shadow of Kong to obtain Wine-steeped Fruits and Death Caps, which can be used to weaken monsters.

Challenge Kong

The king of Skull Island, the prehistoric beast Kong, whose roar makes the earth tremble and whose fists can shake mountains. No challenger has ever walked out of its territory alive.
Kong has five different battle stances, and players need to send different types of troops based on Kong's current stance.
Players can send a scout march to claim treasures near Kong if their attack reduces Kong's HP to exactly 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, or 0%.

Mysterious Island Adventure

During the event, players can get up to 5 Silver Adventure Badges from Resource Spots and up to 25 Silver Adventure Badges from monsters. Players can get more Silver Adventure Badges from Daily Activity Quests.
Players can consume Silver Adventure Badges and Gold Adventure Badges on the Adventure Mission page to upgrade the Adventure Mission Level and unlock the corresponding rewards.
During the event time, the event story will be opened in succession. Complete the chapter to claim corresponding rewards.

Skull Island Memory Exhibition

During the event time, players can use Pigments to draw a Remembrance and earn rewards. You can get Pigments from monsters, resource gathering, and Store. All the Remembrances refresh every 24 hours.
When all 4 Remembrances become activated, you will also get the recorder rewards.

Other Events:

We also prepared other great events such as Skull Island Defense, Truth Seeker, Monarch Sciences, and Duel on Skull Island!
Please update to the latest version if you cannot view the event.
Best regards,
Evony Team

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