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The Third Round of the Kong: Skull Island Collaboration Event

Dear Evonians,

We are excited to announce the third round of our : Collaboration event, which will take place from December 30th, 2022 to January 9th, 2023. Join forces with Kong as we work together to prevent a catastrophic event on

Defeat Skullcrawlers in Evony × Kong-Skull Island Collaboration Event
Defeat Skullcrawlers in Evony × Kong-Skull Island Collaboration Event
Here are the highlights of what you can expect during the event:

Truth Seeker – Adventure Record

By using Truth Pictures, you have a chance to obtain the Epic Historic General . If you don't receive Mason Weaver after 240 wishes, you will be awarded the General directly.

Truth Seeker – Skull Island Memories

You may get Truth Seeker's Map, Truth Seeker's Daily, Truth Seeker's Pen, Truth Seeker's Inkpot, and Truth Seeker's Magnifier from Resource Spots and Monsters. By composing these items, you can receive Iwi Chests in 10 different levels. Upon opening an Iwi Chest, you may receive rich rewards, including the Skullcrawler Killer avatar frame.

Duel on Skull Island

Help Kong defeat the Skullcrawlers, fierce and aggressive reptilian creatures, to earn Source of Life, , and other rare items.

Monarch Sciences

During the event, players can complete challenge quests and purchase basic Gems to earn with this mysterious organization, which tracks ancient beasts.
At Level 40, players can get the Frost Lion March Effect after unlocking privileges.
The top 10 players in the Monarch Sciences Ranking will receive Castle Decoration – Skull Island (30 Days)!

Skull Island Defense

During the event, players can earn awesome gifts by purchasing basic Gems and upgrading defenses against the powerful creatures from Skull Island.
  • Players can gain a (Conquest) at Defense level 4.
  • Players can gain 's Robe Scroll at Defense level 8.
  • Players can gain Castle Decoration – Kong's City, Epic Historic General , and Civilization Scroll Chest (Supremacy) at Defense level 10.

Guardian of Skull Island

Your contributions to defending Skull Island have not gone unnoticed – Kong, the king of Skull Island, is offering his assistance.
During the event, you can acquire Spiritual Beast Scales from packages and , which can be redeemed for the Soul of Kong. With the Soul of Kong, you can unlock the Spiritual Beast Kong.
Please note that Kong can only be unlocked once!

Legend of Kong

Legend of Kong Sale with 56,000% Value!

More Kong: Skull Island Collaboration event content is coming soon! Make sure to update to the latest version if you are unable to access the event.
Best Regards,
Evony Team

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