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Evony (150)General (84)Rewards (65)package (55)Historic General (55)Epic Historic General (49)Resource (44)Gems (43)Civilization (40)packages (40)Ranking (37)Gold (36)Monsters (35)basic Gems (34)Attack (33)historic generals (33)Ground Troop (31)Defense (31)alliance (30)Castle Decoration (30)Decoration (30)Monarch (28)Mounted Troop (27)get rewards (27)Resource Spots (27)Ranged Troop (27)speedups (26)star (26)Historic City (25)Siege Machine (25)HP (25)Consuming Return (25)Civilization Equipment (24)Blood of Ares (23)Subordinate Cities (22)resources (22)Consuming Return Event (21)Badges (21)Premium Gear Chest (20)scores (20)Conquest (20)subordinate city (19)Party Cake (19)Civilization Scroll Chest (19)Recruitment Order (19)Civilization Celebration (19)Clues (18)Lv7 Premium Gear Chest (18)Badge (17)Resource Gathering (17)Subordinate City Clues (17)Capacity (17)Strategic Stockpile (17)World Map (17)Supremacy (17)Yeon Gaesomun (16)Epic Historic Generals (16)General Portrait Exhibition (16)Attributes (16)Historic City Searching (16)Cerberus (15)Lautaro (15)lucky apple (15)Crazy Eggs (15)King's Scheme (15)Battle of Constantinople (14)Zhao Yun (14)Resource Tax Gift (14)Golden Goblin (14)Auction House (14)General Hall (14)Limited Recruit (14)Avatar Frame (13)March Size (13)Limited Recruitment Order Package (13)Historic City Searching Event (13)purchasing packages (13)Elektra (13)General Chest (12)Elise (12)Historic City Key (12)attacking (12)King's Path (12)Cerberus's Treasure (12)Hōjō Ujiyasu (11)Enemy Ground Troop (11)Valorous Medals (11)Server Monarch Competition (11)Pyramid Ruins (11)Portrait Exhibition (11)Ludwig (11)Civilization Celebration Event (11)Eulji Mundeok (11)Toyotomi Hideyoshi (11)King's Party Event (11)Simeon the Great (11)David Guo (10)Treasure Hunt Event (10)King's Scheme Event (10)General Mementos (10)

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